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In this WordPress tutorial, I’ll show you How to Make a Child Theme in WordPress using the Twenty Twelve theme, but you can create a child theme for any WordPress theme. Very easy to do, just follow along with my video and then start customizing your WP website without the risk of losing any of the changes when you update your theme.

How to Make a Child Theme in WordPress

This video lays the foundation for making changes to your site by showing you how to create a WordPress child theme. Learn how to easily customize your WordPress site by adding changes to your website’s CSS, and more, in your child theme, so that the changes won’t be lost if you do update to a newer version of your WordPress theme. child theme page:

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Derron Bowman says:

Great tutorial. Was pulling what little hair I have left out trying to
figure out how to do this on my own. 

Sharon Mayes says:

notepad++ will not allow me to save it as style.css. It says I don’t have

Ashten Rea says:

This video is much appreciated! I am using the Customizr wordpress theme,
and once I activated my child theme it still showed all of my
customizations (uploaded photos, logo, etc.). As I try to enter my own CSS
no updates are showing. Help? I am very new to CSS so it may be me. I am
reading on Custoomizr-forums and copying what others have said to do for
each alteration I seek. Thanks!

Francisco Ortega says:

Im using the Suffusion theme. When I attempt to activate my child theme i
am getting a message that reads, “The active theme is broken. Reverting to
the default theme.” Can you please help

Andrew Spano says:

Mike just put all the pieces of the puzzle together

Arocha fashion says:

This video very helpful. Make me understand a lot more how to make nice

Craig Pallister says:

Thank you! This worked perfectly! Will be watching you other vidoes

Eugene MANGOZOO says:

Also Mike how do you get all the Theme Files back on the right hand side in
the Theme Editor section, I only have the style.css available do i upload
the rest from the original Parent Theme?

Rashid says:

hi mike thanks for the great video. i have done same but i havent lost my
header imagane and other small customizations i made, so does that mean my
child theme is working or is there anything?

is there difference between doing this @import
url(“../?thenameofmytheme/style.css”); or if i literally copy all the
style.css code and past it?

imusicman18 says:

Nice Tutorial Mike! I have put three months of work into my site theme
customization without a child theme. I want to add child theme at this
point. My theme developer wants me to use winmerge to compare my edited
theme and a new child theme. With your tutorial, do I need to use
winmerge or compare the themes after the child theme is created? Or I don’t
need to compare them? 

4evervescence says:

Thanks very much for this video, I was really stuck trying to figure out
the child theme and your video was immensely helpful! 


Hi Mike, how wold I go about making bigger changes to the ‘child-theme’ if
there isn’t much of a style sheet to play around with? would I go back to
the parent theme? one thing i want to do is move the menu bar below the
header pic… is this sort of thing possible in child-themes? you rule!

Marie-Pier Berrouard says:

Hey there! First, thank you so much for a great video! I am stuck at the
activating part of the child theme on the wordpress dashboard. It says:
“Broken Themes. The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes
must have a stylesheet and a template.

Name Deption
Twenty Twelve Child
DescriptionThe parent theme is missing. Please install the “twentytwelve”
parent theme

My twenty twelve parent theme is installed. Here is what is entered in my
style.css file:

Theme Name: Twenty Twelve Child
Template: twentytwelve
@import url(“../twentytwelve/style.css”);

Thank you so much for your help!

Eugene MANGOZOO says:

Fantastic, you make it so clear and easy to understand
Thank you!!!

Ruoting Liang says:

hey, i cannot open the webpage
Please help

SilverHunterN says:

I’m stuck on 10:15… I’ve made the folder “whispy-child” made the
style.css, uploaded it, and when I try to change the theme to whispy child,
its not there. Only the parent one is. Please help.

Calum Douglas says:

Excellent video….well done indeed

James Allen says:

Thanks, Mike. I successfully created a child theme on the first attempt,
merely following your instructions. On to tinkering!

Heidi Folkerts says:

I finally got it!! I have a mac so I couldn’t use Notepad++ unfortunately,
but I used Brackets instead and got it to work! I am just a regular stay at
home mom with no college and definitely no computer experience, there’s NO
WAY I would be able to build my own blog on wordpress without amazing
people like you who take the time to make such great videos! Thank you so
much!!!! :)

FlexManE2 says:

Great video! thanks!

jenchrisification says:

I am having a terrible time making the child theme. I can not master the
first steps. I know it should be simple but – is the control panel my
computer’s cpanel or a cpanel in my host’s site or wordpress? I’m using
travelify theme and it’s not in my wp-theme file on my computer. Do I
download it separately and add it to the wp-theme folder – or can I just
download the travelify theme to my computer. I’m really lost and can’t get
past this first portion of folder making. when I open the wp-theme folder I
don’t even have the option to make a new folder :(

Robin Wilson says:

You are awesome! I was able to do my child theme with your help ~ no
problem. The problem is the style sheet itself. I have tried everything
to find where I change the color codes for the fonts (header, post titles,
etc.) They are all the same color, but one I cannot live with for long.
HELP! Thanks for any advice!

Milena Luna says:

Hello Mike! Thank you so much for providing us this step-by-step tutorial!
I’m glad I found that!:-) However, my WordPress version is 3.7.1, and I
couldn’t create a child theme.. I used Notepad.
The message that appears in my Dashboard is: Broken Themes
The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a
stylesheet and a template.
Name: ???-child
Description: Stylesheet is missing.
I’m very beginner using WordPress. So, could you please help me to solve
this issue?
Thank you!!! says:

How to Make a Child Theme for your #WordPress Website –

denise1045 says:

Hi Mike, I think I have gone wrong somewhere as I am getting an error
message in the “Manage Themes” section which says the “Stylesheet is
Missing”? I’ve retraced my steps but can’t figure out where I’ve gone
wrong. Can you offer any advice? Many thanks

Awdaly Saleh says:

Definitely is very very helpful , so my press card number is :1

Awdaly Saleh says:

I proud my confidential press , therefore , make it automatic and secure ,
I trust you .

Mike Simmons says:

You are welcome, glad it helps!

James6814 says:

The video is great and easy to follow UNTIL you get to the part where
you’re going “to paste some code” to get the spacing out of the top of the
page. The code is hard to read even in 720P. You put up graphics for the
wordpress codex location; why not do the same thing for this code that
you’re pasting OR demonstrate where you got “some code” from. This is the
only part of the video that sucks. The rest of it was easy to follow and a
good guide for the beginner.

Awdaly Saleh says:

Thank you so so much , make it an automatic .

Mike Simmons says:

You’re welcome Awdaly, thanks so much for your kind words! I’m glad you
found this video helpful. 🙂

WhutGaming says:

Very good tutorial! I am an student and this helps me alot. Thnx again!

AaronandLila Etal says:

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your knowledge!

WhutGaming says:

btw I give your video a like and I subscribe 🙂

Mike Simmons says:

You’re welcome, I’m very glad it was helpful to you! 🙂

Mike Simmons says:

James, thanks for the heads up! I actually had the code in an annotation,
but edited the video to make it shorter and forgot about changing the time
the annotation showed up…fixed it! 🙂 As for where I got the code, I
hopefully will make my next video on customizing your WP theme– How to Use
Firebug to Modify Your WordPress Theme– tomorrow or the next day…thanks

Panda Dog Music says:

Thank you Mike – great tutorial !

Mike Simmons says:

Thanks again Awdaly.

Mike Simmons says:

You are welcome!…and thank you for your kind words, much appreciated! 🙂

Mike Simmons says:

Thank you! 🙂

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