How to Make a WordPress Website and Blog – From Scratch!

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Learn how to make a professional website or blog with WordPress and the Hueman theme. The Hueman theme is very customizable so I show you how to come up with a professional color scheme that fits your look as well as how to create a logo. This is a step by step tutorial so absolutely nothing is left out. Therefore, absolutely beginners will be able to easily follow along!

Things covered in this video include:

0:00:00 Introduction
0:00:23 Bullet list of what you’ll be creating
0:02:13 A look at the exact same website you will be creating
0:08:24 Setting up a domain name and hosting account with a company called HostGator and getting your first month of web hosting for just 1 cent.
0:14:14 Installing WordPress on your hosting account
0:17:49 Configuring basic WordPress settings
0:21:38 Installing and utilizing the powerful and responsive free theme called Hueman
0:24:30 Creating pages
0:28:14 Specifying which page is your home page
0:29:37 Creating navigation menus with drop down functionality
0:38:23 Choosing a sidebar layout
0:41:46 Regenerate Thumbnails plugin to make sure your thumbnail images are the correct size
0:43:40 Finding and using free high quality stock photos
0:46:04 Using the visual editor to add images to your pages, format text, and create links with your images and text
0:48:15 Using a free online photo editing application called Pixlr to resize your images
0:54:55 Using shortcodes to further customize your pages
1:01:58 Embedding responsive YouTube videos onto your site and using additional short codes on the home page
1:09:06 Installing a contact form plugin
1:11:50 Installing an image gallery plugin
1:17:59 Installing the image gallery that comes packaged with the Hueman theme
1:20:08 Using basic HTML code to create HTML tables
1:30:35 Coming up with professional color schemes with a free online resource
1:36:08 Creating a textured pattern for your background
1:39:33 Creating a logo with a free online application called iPiccy
1:47:10 Using widgets and widget areas to add additional functionality to your site.
1:53:41 Using the Black Studio TinyMCE Widget plugin to have a visual editor widget
1:58:51 Adding widgets to footer widget areas
2:01:45 Configuring social media icons
2:04:26 Setting up an optional blog
2:07:25 Creating a blog post with a featured image and categories
2:14:02 Setting up comment/discussion functions
2:18:04 Using the featured post option and other blogging functionalities included with the Hueman theme
2:26:01 Setting up blog categories widgets
2:27:43 Using advanced layouts to fully control widgets and widget areas on any given post or page and using Hueman blog widgets

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Thanks in advance for your support!


wpSculptor says:

+Alex Dimech Hey Alex, I would just use the normal contact plugin and then
underneath the shortcode, (or above it) I would switch to the text editor,
and much like embedding a youtube video, you can embed a google map. Just
google “how to embedd a google map” and google should have easy

wpSculptor says:

+Mike Bird Hey Mike, I would check out the theme I used on this video: How
To Make a Website with WordPress – CUSTOM!

The theme is called Origami and is one of my favorites. When changing
themes, you might need to recreate your navigation menu. Also, different
themes will have different home page settings so those will probably need
to be changed as well. It is also a good idea to backup your site through
your hosting account cPanel just in case changing themes causes any
unwanted changes (this isn’t likely to happen but better to be safe than
sorry). Good luck Mike!

Sam Razzy says:

Hi +wpSculptor It was one of the nice video tutorial. I’m very thankful. i
would like to know why the share button on the blog doesnt appear ? There
is no option to enable on the theme option—blog settings…In your video
it shows a button to disable and enable under blog settings but in the new
version of Heuman, that button has disappeared. Do you have any other idea
to get the same beautiful share button ?

Keith Allen says:

Just hooked you up with a commission. Thanks for taking the time to share
your instructions with the world. Now if you can just teach my wife how to
build a site I would ge forever in your debt… LOL

wpSculptor says:

+Kathie Foster Hey Kathie, first, make sure you have deleted the wp super
cache plugin. Also, make sure that you have your “Blog” page activated by
going to “Settings” “reading” and selecting the page that you want to be
your blog page as your “posts page”.

Trendials VODs says:

Thank you very much, This helped me more than you think it did!

Glenn Losoya says:

+wpSculptor what would be a good calendar widget to use? 

Teresa Belcher says:

What a wonderful and helpful video and a great speaking voice as well. I
do have a question regarding New User Registration. I cannot seem to find
out how my visitors are signing up using New User Registration. I am using
Weaver II and Godaddy but I think I will switch to Hueman and Hostgator.
Any thoughts would be appreciated. 

Josephine Faulk says:

Hi Josh. Your instructional videos are the best. After setting up my site
and blog I am now looking for some instruction on how to install a plugin
(or something which creates a form) on my front page, which will ask people
to give their first and last name and their email address in exchange for
free PDFs with valuable information. It will need to store their emails for
me and generate an email to them with the free PDF’s I am offering them. Do
you have a youtube video with something like that on it? I do have the
‘Contact 7 form’ already.

Albert Karantzas says:

Josh, I really thank you from the bottom of my heart for your deep sense of
professionalism. I feel very good guided by your knowledge. I must admit
that watching your inspirational videos is giving me a push to stop
procrastinating. I am still at the first steps and building my website does
not “obey” to my intentions. I tried to upload a 10second video as a test
and the video did not appear! The second issue is that I want to make
disappear Home, Blog, Contact etc from my sidebar and I do not where should
I operate to do those things. The last one is that the featured image does
not upload in my Blog page. Please help. Thank you for being so generous.
You have the age of my sons and following you rejuvenates me.

Juan Miguel Román Roig says:

+wpSculptor hey man, I am making a website for my mother, it will be a
architecture studio and I am working with the Quill theme, it is a theme
for law firms, do you have any tutorial working with that theme?? or do you
know where can I find some help, it is being a little difficult for me to
work with that.
Ps: I am using this tutorial to work on my class, and I want to congrats
you and thanks you a lot. Wish you the best

Taylor Epp says:

You don’t have to be using the Hueman theme to get a great deal of
knowledge out of this video. Don’t be intimidated by the length, grab a pen
and paper, take some notes and learn stuff you didn’t even know you could
do with wordpress. Truly thankful I watched this, and am now ready to go
customize my site the way I want to.

#wordpress #customizewebsite 

George Merriweather says:

Hey Josh, Thanks a heap for the Tutorials. Man, you are a great teacher and
your videos are clean, crisp and easy to follow. I have tried watching a
lot of tutorials on WP, but I find yours’ to be the most
informative/helpful. I especially, like the way you create new pages that
have titles with actual information about the page…And then do the links
in such a way to shorten them in the menu-bar. That’s slick…Right now
I’m trying my hand at building a Multisite. Will be in touch later to let
you know how it came out.
Thanks again, keep ’em coming. 

Eddie Pinero says:

These tutorials are gold. Gracias

Dany Rockwell says:

Hi! I just would like to know how we can make a website without having the
domain name first. Do you have a video for that. Ex: Making the site then
upload it. Thank you for the help and great videos!

TheYogurtLab says:

Hostgator has verification issues couldn’t verify me. Sent 20 emails called
them. To Website beginners hostgator is tough choice to start due to
verification issues.THUMBS DOWN

Shane Heatherington says:

Great! I have set up a few sites for myself but I found this very usefull
and there are some great tips and better ways of getting things done.

Roland Gemayel says:

Hey Josh, excellent video! I really like how you explain things in details.
I have two questions regarding customisation of the navigation bar. How can
i move all menu bar items (page links) to the centre or right and include
the logo on the left? A good example of that is Is there
a way to do this easily by overriding the existing code instead of changing
it? Thanks!

mohamed sayed says:

amazing video !
Thanks ..

TollfreeNumber.ORG says:

Great video – you make it seem so easy!

Susan Okeefe says:

Help!! I chose the one on wp and tried to deactivate and install the
other. It seems I have really messed things up. I tried to delete files
on hard drive. Please, any suggestions you have would be gratefully
appreciated. I really like your videos!

Brooke Young says:

At 2:10:31 you mention the social media sharing that you would discuss but
then I didn’t see where you discussed it. If you could help me out with
that I would really appreciate it! 

John Llerena says:

how could you but a song from souldcloud on a page

Aaron Smith says:

You are so awesome I’m Learning so much from you’re videos

Roxana Laszlo says:

The best tutorial! Thanks a lot!!

Hennie van Gilst says:

Hi Josh, that was a very compleet Video ! And good to follow ! Thanks.

Marc Derouen says:

When re you going to make more videos

jackie thomas says:

Thank you Josh
With your tutorial it has made everything easy, I’ll keep you posted on how
the downloaded theme works for me. Again thank you

Marlene Diedrick says:

I am pleased with how the Hueman theme is working out for me and for your
help when it’s not. Next problem – How do I change the size of featured
images so that heads aren’t cut off? Thanks again

Zane Savahl says:

Hi Josh. Just letting you know all the way from down here in cape Town
South Africa that I have wathched your videos. I have also now subscribed
to your site as I find your videos to be extremely informative. Thanks a
lot and well done.

Ron Tarrant says:

Great tutorial, Josh. Everything I needed in one spot with a handy index.

Guido Diana says:

Looks actually quite easy to do! Gonna give it a try 🙂 Thanks for the
clear explanations! Grtz, Guido 

Hamid Raza says:

Thanks man! your the best!!

Jakarri Demery says:

Hey, I want to embed your vid on my blog………..would it be heavy on
load time because it so long? I’m trying a new format, just giving
instructions and a vid instead of writing out 2000 word articles.

Spencer Pearman says:

When I try to change the sidebars in the theme option menu nothing happens.
I click layout and it scrolls me down, and when I try to click on other
global layouts nothing changes, do you know why that’s happening?
Thank you

Alawode Basit says:

Wow, This is definitely great and very good. Keep on the good work.

DK King says:

Man Josh first I want to say thanks a million for taking time to make such
detailed and helpful tutorials you have helped me with many of my projects.
Thanks! I do have a question though. How do I get my logo centered in the
hueman theme. I tried looking it up but most people just post a bunch of
coding and I had no clue what to do with it., Tried a few things and it
just wouldn’t work. Thanks!

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