How To Safely Customize Your Genesis Child Theme

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Close How to safely customize your Genesis child theme? In this video learn how to create a custom.css custom stylesheet for your Genesis child theme.

How To Create A Professional Website (Genesis Executive Pro Child Theme & WordPress)

This video is an excerpt of the full video tutorial, “How to create an AMAZING, customized business website using Genesis child theme Executive Pro & WordPress”. To see the full video tutorial that shows step-by-step from scratch how to create a website with Genesis’ Executive Pro child theme, visit:


The Genesis Framework for WordPress is an industry standard with over 100,000 website owners using Genesis to display their content. Leading media producers, bloggers, internet marketers, and businesses use Genesis child themes for their business.

Genesis child themes use state-of-the-art code which means you can be rest assured your theme adheres to the latest WordPress security standards, and is optimized for SEO and speed.


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Nate L says:

Very nice tutorial!! Your explanation was great thank you!!

J.M. Martinson says:

Thanks for your very clear and understandable explanation of this! I’ve
only done wordpress sites for clients before by using a very basic theme
with almost no CSS and writing the child theme’s css. So, the custom.css
automatically overwrites the style.css of the child theme? Does it just
recognize the “custom” in the file name to do this?

Doug Eikermann says:

This is quite helpful. I’m building a new site after abandoning Thesis, and
I’m finding Genesis to be like a breath of fresh air. Your explanation of
the custom.css file and how it’s created is excellent.

Michael Gibbs says:

Awesome tutorial! Thank you so much, Katrina. 

Veronica Pastore says:

Hugely helpful, been struggling with finding straight-forward answers on
this for a while! Thanks!! 

Marc Connor says:

Basically, custom.css overwrites what’s in style.css, if it’s there.

If it’s not there, it simply keeps the styles already in styles.css.

Great tutorial.

Sj Love says:

I f*cking love you (excuse my français)!!! Just subscribed!! XO

Joe Lage says:

I just started using Genesis and this is exactly what I needed to know.
Freakin Awesome.

Robin Castillo says:

amazing and so quick, thank you so much!

cscooper2000 says:

+77webstudio Great video. You’ve made a fan. The custom.css file is a big
help, but what about custom fuctions, header, footer, sidebar and the
myriad other custom “template” files that I could normally add to a child
theme to override the parent theme? StudioPress’ documentation seems to
indicate using a bunch of their own hooks, rather than simply overriding
their “template” files.

MFJLabs says:

Excellent work Katrinah.

David Faltermier says:

Great video. I’m learning Genesis from scratch and your video series is a
great resource. Question… If I add a custom.css file to the child theme,
is it safe later to update the child theme if a newer version becomes
available? In other words, will the update overwrite or remove my
custom.css file?

carlton whitfield says:

Hi Katrinah, firstly, I am a completely new user, (To wordpress, I have
used Joomla before) and your videos have proved that a complete new starter
can actually create cool website in just a few hours, im dead proud of mine
Genesis Parallax pro video watched over and over.

However -please help, you refer to creating a custom.css in two of your
videos, but i keep going round and round in circles, my child theme that i
create, somehow wipes out all the style that i have created, the ftp etc
has been painstakingly copied maybe 10 times from your video and i still
cannot create a custom.css (in Filezilla) – so that i can make all the
awesome custom changes to my Parallax pro website – its driving me crazy!!
It took me 1 day to build the site and 3 days going over and over agin
watching the videos and getting nowhere – with loads of wishes to you for
being BRILLIANT but have you any idea how to help?

Yours in desperation Carlton (Yorkshire UK)

Rebecca Sloan says:

Thanks for this! On to the next tutorial now 🙂 

Bnpositive Communication says:

I’m trying to accomplish this with the Genesis “News” theme and for some
reason the individual page is still overriding my custom styles. The
reference to the custom.css is being added to the code correctly, but my
styles aren’t being changed. What’s even weirder is that it only seems to
not be happening on a few pages. For example, Page A will load my custom
styles, Page B won’t.

David Steenkamp says:

I am considering purchasing just the Genesis framework and I understand it
comes with one sample child theme… Do the child themes themselves get
their own updates? Or does the Genesis Framework ONLY get updated? I just
want to know before I buy! If the child themes get their own updates, then
wouldn’t the custom.css file you created just get removed upon updating the
child theme? Thank you!

From the Abbey says:

Thank you for this tutorial! This was something that baffled me for a long

Rocio Cruz says:

Thank you very mucho for all the information, I have learned a lot. I am
mexican and I dont speak english so good, so I am trying to learn all I am
able. I have a question..How I am know that I made everything correctly I
thing it is a good idea if you write the line that we have to write and we
just copy it and paste it in the correctly place. I wrote this.. please
tell me if it is correct: of
course in my domain I wrote my domain lol I dont know if I am explain it
correctly, I hope you can understand me. Thanks again!!

Dor Friedman says:

Great vid! Thanks!

Carola Faughnan says:

thanks so much for this video. it’s great as i didnt realise that i should
have created a new custom.css file before changing the style.css file.
now, i’m not sure what is the next step as i dont want to loose any
changes to the existing child theme. Would you have some advice? 

Victoria Dale-Harris says:

Hi Katrinah! I think I have worked my way through the Safari/text edit
issue (I posted that under Create a Lifestyle Pro wordpress website video).
It seems that text edit always goes to Safari and the style.css document in
the Lifestyle-pro folder on my computer is a Safari link icon. Now I have
custom.css on Cyberduck onder lifestyle-pro and imported it to my computer
in the lifestyle-pro folder but when I go to editor on ,word press there is
no custom.css, just the style.css. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong
here? Thanks!!

Miss Messer says:

When clearing out the custom.css file, why not Ctrl X what you want to keep
and then Ctrl A, delete the entire thing then Ctrl V. Might save a few

Johan Hultin says:

Hi Katrinah! I don’t get it to work yet! I am using Mamp to learn more
about WordPress and now I am not sure If I do it right. When I post the
script Do I type Localhost:8888 or something else as the domain? I typed
this but as I told u I don’t get it to work. Do u see something strange? Keep up the good work!!!

Danny Beddows says:

I love you.

Jeremy Parkin says:

Thanks for the tips – it would be great if you put the code example in the
description as well!

Two Muses Homeschool says:

Thank you!

Sammy Stroh says:

Great tutorials, but, where can we see more pictures of you?? Yore dammmn
pretty <3 :* 

Catalina NA says:

Hi! Did everything you say on NineSixteenPro but it doesn’t grab the
changes I make on the custom.css.
I am using a plugin for faster customization.. Do you know if that may be
getting in the way? Maybe the plugin is the first thing the system grabs,
then the styles.css of the Child? Earlier I did a change directly on the
styles.css of the child and the changes did take effect, but no with the
custom. If you have a clue about what I am saying I would soooo much
aprecciate your answer. Thanks. 

EL Mustapha BOUMALKI says:

Good job, your are the best

Bettina Gutierrez says:

HI, I love all your videos so much, they have helped me a ton. I had one
question, I purchased a genesis child theme off etsy and when I did an
update it completely throug me off, some things had changed etc. Do you
recommend I start from scratch and get a genesis theme from my dashboard
and customize it myself?

Ginger Coolidge says:

Hi +77webstudio – Katrina,

I’m all about #genesiswp so I’m watching all of your Genesis videos.
Thank you for the details, I learn something in each one. I had a quick
question on this one — isn’t it true that when you edit your CSS it will
edit the child theme’s CSS file and not the Genesis framework parent theme?
So if I apply a Genesis Framework update, but keep the same child theme it
would not get overwritten? 

macgrooty says:

Thank you so much! This saved me quite a few hours of hair pulling.

Drăcea Dan-Adrian says:

Question: All that stuff needed to apear on my custom.css?
Because all I can see is the text between /* and */

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