How to set up Nictitate WordPress Theme – Part 1

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marceloAMPM says:

How do you change the icons in the top main navigation? I didnt find the
howto here nor in the documentation. Please?

Sara Kim says:

Is there no sound for this tutorial? 

3y3s says:

no commentary?

CAMPAYS Max says:

how to activate the “Service kopa intro” widget class indicates: “none”
thank you for your answers

Edve Ga says:

Did everyone buy that theme or it’s not premimum?

Jannika Coons says:

The revolution slider is not included, which is a bummer, but there are a
lot of other FREE sliders that are available and look just as good ->

Affitti-Milano- says:

hoa, thank you very much for the tutorial, but i can’t find the widget kopa
products carousel, do you know where i can find it?

Enes Unver says:

The revolution slider is not included. You must download it

Emil Niemi says:

WTF? Where’s the revolution slider one? in the beginning?

Nadia Kerr says:

Excellent tutorial. Shows how to setup so many different widgets with
various content displaying. Gave me heaps of ideas of how I can configure
things different ways. 🙂 

bigmoneydublin says:

amzing am glade am the first to comment but cant find the first step that
the resolution or revolution to bring to the side bar

hòa nguyễn says:

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