Introduction to the Customizr free WordPress theme

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This is an introduction video of the Customizr WordPress theme version 3.0.4. (
The video describes how to design your WordPress site live from the customizer and shows a quick tour of the main theme features : skin choice, logo upload, home page settings, page and post layout, social profiles, cool CSS3 features, threaded comments, footer areas…


Wit Works says:

Nice! but i can’t change the copyright information in the footer. Can
someone please help me to do it plzz :)

Tessa Souter says:

But I am not seeing the little customizr button to the right of +new as
shown in video at 0.3 seconds. I activated my plug in. Am I doing something

Themes & Co says:

Customizr WordPress theme (v3.0.4) : take the tour!

Themes & Co says:

The Customizr introduction video!

Andyka Musfi Abdillah says:

What can you do with Customizr?

Danielle Joy says:

What is the name of the music? I tried soundhouding it but couldn’t find

Konstantina Samara says:

ok anyone can help my logo goes on top instead of left side???

Dario Alessandro says:

How do I turn integrates key “discovered more” I did not understand

Dario Alessandro says:

Non si capisce nulla, già il tema va da solo, e molte cose sono
incomprensibili, in più fai un video dove non si vede nulla,

Jennifer Monclou Chaparro says:

Hi, I´m just leaning how to use wordpress, this theme is fantastic, but I
still don´t know how to change the images of the slider and the text. I
have a free template, could be that? is there a payed version with all the
features? Thanks.

Matthew Stephenson says:

Really Like and recommend the Customizr +WordPress theme developed by +Nicolas
Guillaume from +Themes & Co using it on 3 different websites/blogs that
I’m working on. Check it out

Michael Hoffman says:

great video. just a quick question. is it true that one is unable to upload
premium themes from outside wordpress?
i tried doing that, but the link to upload an outside them doesnt exist in
my Dashboard.
WP support replied to a question related to this, notifying me that only
themes (free and premium) from WP and no outside themes. would appreciate
your feedback. cheers

Allison Todd says:

+Nicolas Guillaume has created the BEST WordPress theme! Its a free gift
complete with the components, functionality and responsiveness! Until
January the 31st,for :Also purchase featured pages Unlimited” before
January 31st and get an immediate discount of 20% with the code

dilli tashan says:

Sir, how i can i show my pages on front page

Elkin Ortiz Vasquez says:

Espectacular !!! Wonderful Muchas gracias 🙂 ya he ganado dinero con esta
plantilla 😀 pronto haré mi donación 😀
gracias Totales

Prudhvi Raj says:

i want detailed customization…. of this theme can anyone suggest me.. a
video or a tutorial…..

Elisa Ingrà says:
Wening Cintron says:

Great Tools for your Boxes of business Tools.
I Just love to share. Enjoy!

evolutionpart2012 says:

very interesting theme – i try to use it for my business page…

Rob Hartshorn says:

Hi Is there an easy way to remove the website field from the comments (on
posts) section of the customizr theme or maybe just change it to phone
number. Website is irrelevant for the site I am using it on. Thanks Rob

George Leon says:

Hey, On 2:30 you can drop click more options on Slider Options. Mine will
only let me pick Demo Slider. Any why I can link it to my portfolio page?

sophieebbydoll says:

i can’t use this theme I’ve looked for 2 hrs now, it keeps telling me to
download the folder, but i want it on wordpress(.)com as my portfolio
theme/blog theme and i can’t find it when i search themes on wordpress. it
keeps telling me to install the wordpress(.)org thing and that won’t work
either i don’t even know what it is or why i need that i just want the
theme on my wordpress (.) com blog/website. HELP

Themes & Co says:

Hi, This theme is not available on WordPress (.) com

Themes & Co says:

Hi, Can you please ask your question in the user forum since it could be
interesting for many users there? Thanks!

ngan nguyen says:

front page 😐 where are you? 😐 😐

Emilio Garcia says:

really is free?, is awesome!

greysonthecat says:

I can’t seem to get to that URL.

Uduak Akpan says:


Proyecto Vincent says:

Una duda, como cambio o modifico las imagenes Sliders

Koers Ideacenter says:

Customizr, a free responsive WordPress theme built with Twitter Bootstrap por si ocupan

Nicolas Guillaume says:

Customizr WordPress theme introduction video : take the tour!

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