Make a Professional Website #15 — Make a Child Theme for WordPress

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In this video, the fifteenth in my series on how to make a professional website using WordPress, I show you how to create a child theme with no steps skipped. I cover getting an FTP program, how to set it up and log into your server, how to create your first file (style.css) for your child theme and how to customize your site (just a little bit). I also explain how to add other files (other than style.css) to your child theme. I also explain the importance of using a child theme when you want to make changes or tweaks to your theme.

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luvely peacefull says:

I would like something more cleaplease. So I need to create a folder named
‘childtheme’ on the server and install wordpress in there..?

Futureone's Youtube says:

Thank You, Still getting to know the coding for wordpress, this made which
scripts more clearer to edit. Your daughter is a doll..good luck.

Paul Fleming says:

Excellent tutorial, it’s the best I’ve found for explaining the basic of
creating a child theme and explaining the different handling required for
the style, functions and other files. It helped me a lot

Ted Weddell says:

Great tutorial… precise and to the point, just what I was looking for. I
have one question though… is there a reason you hard coded the search
into the header? I would think adding a widget space there would be the
proper way to do this. Thanks for sharing! :)

My Boring Channel says:

Enjoy the fifteenth video in my series on making a professional website
using WordPress. This video will show you how to create and install a child
theme for WordPress–an invaluable skill!

My Boring Channel says:

Sweet. Glad you liked it.

Nouman Mehmood says:

Thank you soo much! Brilliant mate!

sala2477 says:

Best Tutorial Ever. Thanks so much

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