Make a WordPress theme with Bootstrap 3 – Tutorial #1

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In this new series, we will be converting a plain HTML and CSS site built around the Bootstrap 3 framework into a fully functioning WordPress theme. This tutorial will look at creating/hosting a WordPress site, what files we will need and installing our theme.

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Coder's Guide says:

Just started a new tutorial series which I’m sure you’ll all love –
creating a WordPress theme around Bootstrap 3!

Mark Hallam says:

Sorry I haven’t watched all the videos yet but just wondering how you
implement the menu drop down?

Makkura says:

Nice tutorial. Really stoked to learn more about WordPress. I used to be
using drupal but the all the mishaps and usability horror was getting too
much. I just installed WP and set this little bit up and I’m already
comforted with the fact that this will be a more smooth ride. +the overall
site performance is way better than devving on drupal with a bloated base
theme –” ++WP has a friggn app out of the box!

Jesus Christ I feel like I’ve been living under a rock!

Naldo Durán says:

You’re amazing, thanks so much 

Francis Ranay says:

I love your series.
Can you make a 1page scroll theme using bootsrap?

david mehta says:

Please talk clearly.

Dammika Shashika says:

thanx, this was helpful!

August Whitlock says:

You only have 6 wordpress theme tutorials? Where is the rest?
Great, tutorials by the way.

Seraphyx says:

Wow, surprised you’re doing this so soon. WordPress can be pretty involved
especially when working with custom themes but definitely looking forward
to watching this series.

Thing I’d like to learn most is how to integrate wordpress’ “loop” with
websites I create outside of wordpress or not already based on a wordpress
theme. The whole thing with new posts automatically being added at the top
and creating pages automatically when the main page listing of posts
reaches the max of 5 or 10 listings per page.

Varoon S says:

nice tutorials always wanted to know how to use bootstrap and wordpress.
Hope to follow through with the tutorials!

Luis Batista says:

This tutorial is awesome. You wouldn’t mind posting a direct link for those
file to follow up this lesson, would you?

sayed akbarali says:


Hussain Arif Khan says:

I luv ur vid. i want help in php ples make vids of that to like u made for
javascript and html 🙂
they helped me alot and want to knw how to use XAMPP 

Luis Batista says:
Velosofy says:

oh and sublime ftw

Michael U. says:

I love your videos! Maraming Salamat (Thank you very much!)
Your work gives me motivation to learn WP and B3!
More videos to come! THanks again!

Dominic Francis says:

Always love your tutorials they are so clear!

Velosofy says:

I’m using XAMPP works fine for me, never used wamp though

Alexi Taylor says:

Could you make a tutorial on how to install wordpress please?

IltherionGaming says:

I get a error whenever I try to reach the:
localhost/Site/wordpress/wp-admin. It says there is no wp-config.php file.
Any idea what is happening?

SPOTFIR3 says:

With WordPress, can you make a business website? So not a blogging website
but a website for a small business or something of that sort that will look
good with bootstrap but you can also edit things in the website if needed
easily via wordpress?

Kai Ren says:

Hi, why couldn’t I find out my theme on the WordPress website after I
created the bunch files. And the weird thing is in the themes, my WordPress
page is showing more than 200 themes.

walacewolfblitzer says:

Cant wait for you to finish this!

Alexraz01 says:

This is Exactly what I was looking for. I am just about to learn about
wordpress and I did want to migrate bootstap it into wordpress thank you.

Is it possible that you can make some more videos about wordpress and how
to install useful plugin, widgets etc? thanks 

Beau Gucci says:

Hi! Great tutorials. We will support you for all your efforts. Thanks! More

Raj Chudasama says:

when will the series be released?

jackendy cherenfant says:

thank you, Why you did not create a ‘body”?

SX SW says:

Neil, thanks for the awesome videos! They are great, I’m really dying for
the next one now though, when will it be available? Also, if I add plugins
into the custom theme we make will they also be responsive? Thanks

DGardn100 says:

How did you configure Sublime Text to transfer what you typed to your

Mauro Scatozza says:

Great stuff! I’m following along:)

Dave Koekebacker says:

Awesome man, I can’t wait to follow this

Duy Lê Khánh says:

Thank you. Very nice work

Romeo Onisim Bradeanu says:

Thank you. I’m looking forward to learn this! 🙂 

islam abo bakr says:

when will you upload the #2 ?
thanks for this series :)

meyoutoobthem says:

Thank you so much. I’ve been wanting to convince the agency to not
sacrifice creativity for a one size fits all template. Now I can focus on
content prototypes and get the cms in a later stage. The way it should be,
let the identity drive the content and ux, not the wonky hacked template
I’ll never get support for! Cheers.

tahsinwonders says:

I was looking for something like this. Many thanks!

MacTwiggles says:

Thx dude! Exactly what i need

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