Responsive WordPress Theme Editing Home Page Widgets 1, 2 and 3 w/BONUS tutorial

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Responsive WordPress Theme Editing Home Page Widget-1, 2 and 3 with Bonus tutorial included for editing Main Content and Featured Content areas as well as editing the Widget Title Size. Please NOTE, home php has been changed to front-page php in newer versions. Everything about the Responsive Home page in WordPress
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Here is a good reference that explains YouTube Video Players and Embedding code structure:

Here is a link to the sample codes for the Responsive Theme featured Content area:
Code to put an image or video in Featured Content area:

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– Get your Responsive Theme “Area” map. It explains the different areas referenced inside the Responsive Theme from ThemeID, a great reference tool to help you learn your way around inside the Responsive Theme!!:


culture.vulture says:

Very helpful! Thank you!!

Mike slay says:

Great tutorial!! I had spent the better part of a day trying to make sense
of this theme. Thanks for the help.

Vincent Labrecque says:

I don’t have the “Editor” section in “Appearance”. Anyone have an idea?

SooperBeez says:

What if I wanted to just delete the damn box completely out

Gail Jackson says:

Just added my like to your views. I installed this theme today and now I
know how to use those widgets. Good tutorial. Thanks.

Jeanne Marie Wolfe says:

Ditto what Keith Williams and John Conway said, “Thanks for taking a half
an hour to present what would take 2 days to figure out from a book.. Proud
to be one of the 16,000 views.”

You really helped me with the Responsive home page. I figured out many
things on my own but this important page had me confused. I thank you for
being so clear, concise and helpful. Now I can go forward with the site I

Keith Williams says:

I’ve watched at least two of your half-hour videos. They are VERY helpful!
In fact, they are the most helpful of anything I’ve been able to find
related to Responsive.
I was thinking of dumping responsive for something I could figure out how
to use. Now, perhaps, I’ll stick with it.

I would suggest, however, —and along the lines of Alex below— that it
does take a lot longer than I feel necessary. For example, when showing how
to use Home Widgets 1 to 3, showing how to deal with H W 1 then saying the
other two are exactly the same would have cut the time down by 2/3. If one
needs to go over it again, they can always “rewind” and see it again.

That being said, I DO find your videos helpful. I’ll watch more of them,
for sure.

Hartmut Wehrmeyer says:

Hi Allan, thank you very much. I am not so familiar with css and that stuff
and I have the following questions concerning the widgets that might be
interesting for other users too:
– Can I add a second row of widgets (-> six in total – e.g. for six product
– Where does this blackstudio widget come from? I don’t have it
– Can I places links behind each home widget, e.g. to a separate subpage

Best regards


Rima Barinsky says:

Thank you so much Allan, very useful.
Unfortunately, I am still missing a key setting to actually see any change
entered under Theme Options -> Home Page. I go and check, refresh, nothing
changes. Do you know what I am not doing properly? What setting should I
adjust first?
Thank you for your support.

Gerry Visca says:

Allan, thanks for the support – I am using Elastic as my theme and I need
to get it optimized and working on mobile devices. It currently crashes on
my iphone. What is the simplest way to getting the site to work on all
mobile devices so it looks like the way it does on a computer. I am not a
techie so can you give me some straight forward instructions? Thank you. 

Jerry Bustamente says:

Great job. Thanks Allan.

Alex Toussieh says:

Boy the reason you have 16 thousand views and not 100K is because you TAKE
AN HOUR to say what you can say IN A MINUTE! Users are desperate, we don’t
HAVE time!

Matthew Peters says:

how do I get rid of the big hashtag that pops up called “responsive?” I
want to replace it with other text… 

Johnny Ellis says:

Hey Allen, I have a responsive theme and I also have cyber chimp. Yet when
I see you go from one page to another, my pages don’t act like yours. I’m
doing your Theme editing Home, widgets 1,2, 3 ect. Can you tell me if my
responsive is the same as yours. How can I tell?

Karen Long says:

Allan, thanks for taking the time to make such a detailed video! I was
stumped on how to change the small widgets and you gave me the secret (add
a Text/HTML widget inside the Responsive widget. Tricky)

I’m also going to install Black Studio TinyMCE, like now!


entropy0321 says:

Thanks for your tutorials man, they’ve REALLY helped. Would’ve been really
lost without these.

Ethan Rush says:

Your videos are excellent. They have helped me immensely.

jm6532 says:

The reason he has 16 thousand views is because Allen is patient with people
who he has helped. Thanx Allan for getting me out of a Jam!

Andre Smith says:

Thanks for this video .. however, When I click on dashboard .. I do not see
“Theme Options” .I see the Appearance menu but under that I cannot find
“Them Options” to edit the site like you are showing. 

John Conway says:

Thanks for taking a half an hour to present what would take 2 days to
figure out from a book.. Proud to be one of the 16,000 views.. Not sure of
any wpress theme tutorials with 100,000 views.. Maybe it was the one from a
former Eastern Block country on how to print $100 bills on paper bags..
Thanks again. 

wiseborn appiah kubi says:

nice one there very clear 

Mai Donaldso says:

Mind blowing tips and i just love to visit premieressay com because i get
many tips on writing and lots of expert here for help

Craig Childers says:

I appreciate the patient way in which you present your tutorials. It
makes a huge difference in what the learner retains. Thank you

Shafaq Asad says:

Thank you so much, that was really helpful :)

Ernally Scott says:

By the way how do you change the background color of call to action button?

Ernally Scott says:

Thank you Allan what a great tutorial.

GeChic h says:

Hi, how do I remove both the Feature home page title 1 and 2 ??

I was looking for CSS codes but only found one that change then font and


Barking Dog Studio says:

thanks Allan, so good to finally find tutorials that actually help and
solve issues, us newbies customizing really appreciate it.

leifnicole says:

Is it possible at all to add a fourth Home page Widget? Thank you

phpwebbies says:

Responsive WordPress Editing Home Page Widgets 1, 2 and 3 w/BONUS tutorial

By Allan WHitney

toniwebb3 says:

You didn’t show us how to put image in Featured Content.

Andrei Saraiva Purysko says:

Excellent video! Great content! Thanks a lot!

Allan Whitney says:

Hello Kazloz, check line 1408 of your CSS Style sheet, there is a margin of
-20 (negative 20) causing the offset, remove that margin value and you are
good to go! I also sent you an email regarding this discovery. Hope this
helps buddy and thanks for contacting me. If you have any other questions,
don’t hesitate to ask.

Allan Whitney says:

hello Kazloz, not sure if you are editing the page in the theme options or
the widget area. To change the color on the widgets use the Black Studio
TinyMCE widget, place it inside your home widget and then select the “edit
CSS” button on the TinyMCE widget ribbon, then select background and choose
a color. The content should be restrained inside the default sidebar areas
on the page. Not sure why the content is not being contained. Send me a
detailed email explaining what you are doing exactly.

Allan Whitney says:

Hi Doug, Go to Theme Options>Home Page and temporarily remove the Featured
Content you have in there now (temporary), you’ll see an image code that is
grayed out (very faint), that’s the code you will use. I suggest writing it
to a text file for future reference, replace the default image URL
referenced in that code with your own image URL. I hope this helps but if
you need help, just email me via my site, I’ll be glad to help, thanks

frede0078 says:

But what if i want a code, to a picture?! You forgot to show that… -_-

Dianna Farr Fitness Training says:

thanx so much! so helpful:)

Dennis Persaud says:

Great Video

Allan Whitney says:

Hey Folks, hope all is well with you and yours! I just finished putting
together a short Guide Book for Beginners to explain the website process.
It explains the steps you need to take in a short simple way. A great
introduction for people with no website experience. Visit my site to get
your copy now!

Allan Whitney says:

You are quite welcome, thank you

Allan Whitney says:

Hi Sally, not sure if you added content through theme options or edited the
php file? For the php file try using a “p” tag or “blockquote” tag or are
you using a “cite” tag? Try either to center the text. Thanks Allan

Allan Whitney says:

Thank you Geoff, glad it helped!

Allan Whitney says:

Hello smylz100, hope all is well and thanks. Yes, very easy to do. The
Responsive Theme forums are rediculously confusing on this simple
modification and this is the straight forward, quick way to edit that
info.The “Leave a Reply” title is in the wp-includes/comment-template php
file on your server (C-Panel). Make a copy of that file first or use your
child theme. If you need any help locating the line to edit, let me know,
the “form” title is almost at the bottom of the file. 🙂 Allan

OfficialJesseStone says:

That didn’t work, I wasn’t able to embed Youtube video’s, can you help
please Allan?

venuspsychic says:

i am have made myself my website venuspsychic . com with woldpress
responsive.. very simple.. check out the result

Allan Whitney says:

Hey frede0078, OK so you need an image for the home page featured content
area? I can’t put code in here so email me at my site and I will hook you
up with the code you need and also show you where it is in the theme,

Allan Whitney says:

Hello toniwebb3, hope all is well. I’m sorry I didn’t cover that thoroughly
but if you look to the left in your home page theme options window, there
is a link called “See Docs” to the left of the Featured Content box, click
on that link next to the featured content area and there will be a sample
code for you to copy and paste into your featured content area to display
an image. Then just edit the src for the image. I’ll put a link to the
sample code page in the video description above. Thanks

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