Responsive WordPress Theme Home Page Slider, Google Search and Colophon Widget

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A brief tutorial on how to modify the Responsive WordPress Theme from ThemeID. Please NOTE, home php has been changed to front-page php. Be sure to make a backup copy of your home.php or front-page.php (new) file before editing or copy your home php (old) or front-page php (new) file into your child theme folder and edit that copy! I show how to add a wide featured slider using the Meteor Slides Plugin, add a Google Custom Search to the top of your theme and how to use the Colophon Widget. This tutorial is packed with some of my coolest tricks for the Responsive Theme! Watch my video that compares both home.php and front-page.php here:

The methods involved cover:
-Theme Options-Home Page Settings
-home.php file (old) front-page.php (new)
-Colophon Widget
-Top Widget

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Learnguitartunes says:

Hi. My Home.php doesnt have any of the info you are editing in your video?

Allan Whitney says:

I just wanted to share this classic Responsive Theme Tutorial from Allan at Demand is still high for this video tutorial because
it shows how to add a full width Slider, a Google Search Bar and how to
work with the Colophon Widget

Maria Gabriel says:

man your videos rock… nice and intutive

wing l says:

Hi Allan. When I am using the child theme, everything flips over to the
right. Why? Thanks!

Home Tutors says:

Hi Allan, if you had to compile a list of the top ten must have plugins on
wordpress what would they be and why?

Zue Grady says:

you are awesome Allan, Thanks!!

Felipe Gabriel says:

hello I am using WP v. 3.8.2 and Responsive Theme, and have tried
numerous times to replace the content area (the headline, subheadline,
etc.) with the featured content area (the pc, tablet and phone pic). Every
time after I perform the action at 18:22, I always get a 500 internal
server error. Please help me

Hudson Valley Wedding Photographers says:

Hi Allan… my Home.PHP file has none of the info you mentioned. My
Front-Page.PHP has all those area you mentioned to copy and paste… but
when I do it my webpage goes completely blank after I update it. Still
trying to figure out what to do.

Michael Knapp says:

Great work Allen. I’m having trouble downloading a local copy of
WordPress. Any ideas?

Laurel Chinn says:

Thanks!! So easy to follow and understand

Ronnie T says:

Wondering if you could help? How would I get my images closer to the top so
theres less white showing? Also I’ve checked your site and see your drop
down menus are in orange how would I go about doing this in blue? Sorry for
bothering you with this.


Marketing by Data says:

Hey Allen, I have been trying to figure it out and was able to make it so
that I completed everything up to being able to center. Below is my code
if you could check it out and see if anything is wrong::

< ?php // Exit if accessed directly if ( !defined( 'ABSPATH' ) ) { exit; } /** * Site Front Page * * Note: You can overwrite front-page.php as well as any other Template in Child Theme. * Create the same file (name) include in /responsive-child-theme/ and you're all set to go! *@see and * * *@file front-page.php *@package Responsive *@author Emil Uzelac *@copyright 2003 - 2014 CyberChimps *@license license.txt *@version Release: 1.0 *@filesource wp-content/themes/responsive/front-page.php *@link *@since available since Release 1.0 */ /** * Globalize Theme Options */ $responsive_options = responsive_get_options(); /** * If front page is set to display the * blog posts index, include home.php; * otherwise, display static front page * content */ if ( 'posts' == get_option( 'show_on_front' ) && $responsive_options['front_page'] != 1 ) { get_template_part( 'home' ); } elseif ( 'page' == get_option( 'show_on_front' ) && $responsive_options['front_page'] != 1 ) { $template = get_post_meta( get_option( 'page_on_front' ), '_wp_page_template', true ); $template = ( $template == 'default' ) ? 'index.php' : $template; locate_template( $template, true ); } else { get_header(); //test for first install no database $db = get_option( 'responsive_theme_options' ); //test if all options are empty so we can display default text if they are $empty = ( empty( $responsive_options['home_headline'] ) && empty( $responsive_options ['home_subheadline'] ) && empty( $responsive_options['home_content_area'] ) ) ? false : true; ?>

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