Responsive WordPress Theme Tutorial – Part 1 – Create a Local Server and Install WordPress

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In this part we create a local server using WAMP, install a fresh copy of WordPress and talk about some stuff here and there.

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What’s this series about?

In this series we are going to create a custom WordPress theme from scratch. We will learn how to create WordPress themes, use advanced features such as: custom post types, custom fields and meta data. We will be focusing our theme on a site based on a site like or

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ReeCocho says:

When I load the localhost page it’s just a blank screen. :/

TheEgonTowst says:

Great tutorial series! However there is one thing you forgot to mention
(please like this comment!) — The WAMP server will not run properly if
Skype is running. If your server icon is orange, close out of Skype
completely, click on the icon, and select “Start all services.” This should
fix any blank screen issues when trying to load localhost or any php files.

Lukaszekkos1992 says:

I have just watched first lesson. It’s looks pretty good, congratulations

greyfox251 says:

Train in the end is very symbolic. It means the long trip you must do for
learning WP and everytime the “road” will be bumpy! 😉

I see that you stop uploading new videos in this playlist but its ok. im
sure contains very usefull informations so far. 

Arshina Singh says:

how to know what collation we need to fill in? 

Hiren Patel says:

which recorder software are you using ?

Agah Nnaemeka says:

Thank you for the nice piece. I am following step by step. Thank you

Mirza Selim Reza says:

Thats so useful tutorial! Thanks a lot …

Nirav Patel says:

How to make Responsive WordPress Theme?

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#css3 #webdeveloper #wordpresstemplate 

Emily Ramos says:

How to make Responsive WordPress Theme?

#wordpress-themes #responsivewordpressthemes #responsivewebdesign #html5
#css3 #webdeveloper #wordpresstemplate 

Giridhar Nandigam says:

Man!!!!you made my day…thanks a lot

MrKristerz says:

Borderlands 2 :D

Marcus Christensen says:

Dear Awfulmedia

I just wanted to tell you that you have helped me alot :D

Flip N Fin says:

After the installation is done, can i just use my login info if i already
have 1 ?

Hendy Wi says:


alterX2ego says:

i freaking love trains…. trains are the best

Woody Simmons says:

This is a fantastic series and also your WP Customizer tutorials. I would
be very happy to see your WP tutorials at Tuts+ as they certainly are up
to par. (although ‘they’ would probably ask for less friendly ramblings :)

Banu Suryadi says:

it’s good tutorial, but too old :p

now i use wordpress 3.7, and this tutorial sometime not work

Sparjan Raj says:

How to make Responsive WordPress Theme?

#wordpress-themes #responsivewordpressthemes #responsivewebdesign #html5
#css3 #webdeveloper #wordpresstemplate 

Arun Kumar says:

Awesome Tutorial.. Really helped me to start from the Scratch…. Thanks

vishal parkash says:

good job friend..

Nirmal Sharma says:
Farrukh Momin says:

amazing job

Michael U. says:

Thanks You!

brave heart says:

Isn’t it a good idea to show the finished product in the first video first?

Moko Noani says:

Hi! I built a page using WordPress with theme Responsive. I want to build a
page (not home) of excerpt of the posts, and display each excerpt in two
Can you help me how to do it?

Ron Wertz says:

Austin, I have just finished watching your videos over a two day period and
I would like to thank you for your time and knowledge. I found this
tutorial very intuitive, especially since I come from a programming
background (mostly AS3) that has no WordPress experience. I now feel very
comfortable at offering theme development for a client. Thanks again,
greatly appreciated!!!

Jose Pablo says:

Thanks men!! 

David R says:

Awesome possum!

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