Top Free WordPress Themes

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What’s the best free WordPress theme exactly? It really depends on a lot of things. It’s a highly subjective choice, so you’ll need to decide what works for you.

However, there are plenty of great free themes, and in this video, I’ll highlight eight of the top free wordpress themes to help you decide. I’ll also go into some details about what sort of things you’ll need to consider when making your own WordPress theme decisions, and tips for helping you make those choices.

Top Free WordPress Themes – Dom Wells from


Peter Watkins says:

Thanks for taking the time to offer up your opinions on WP themes. Just
staring the blog process and this has helped. Will be checking out your
other stuff cheers mate.

NetPwn says:

Nice Vid, I have a question Dominic im thinking about starting a business
online and im currently looking for a free theme that best matches this: , out of the ones you reviewed I think
appliance is most like it. Is there anything out there that hits the nail
on the head for that example that you’ve seen?, thanks.

Mayur says:

Thank you very much for creating this video. I am struggling at the moment
with finding a decent theme (there are too many options!). Im just starting
out and found your take on themes to be exactly what I need / want. Thank
you again and have sub’ed.

Sami Alawartani says:

Nice informative video, A little bit more enthusiasm can’t hurt 😉 

Kevin Pflug says:

Thanks for the great info!

Dominic Wells says:

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