Tutorial: How Create a WordPress Theme from Scratch (Basic Intro)

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Uses this PDF document as reference:

Uses this HTML page/package as a starting point:

How to take a regular HTML page and turn it into a very simple WordPress Theme Package that you can use on any wordpress site. Uses Dreamweaver.


LosEagle says:

The best wordpress start up tutorial I’ve seen.

Ernesto Borjas says:

This was very helpful, thank you! :)

WordPres :: OEM says:

How Create a WordPress Theme from Scratc(basic)

david palowkar says:

it would be good to have some instruction about images and broken links.
i.e. in page 9 of your scribd document you give:

Nishant Thakur says:

Perfect tutorial! Clear instructions, understood in one shot! Thanks buddy!

Stephen Moss says:

Amazing! Thanks so much for doing a lot of heavy lifting for newbies like
me. Like other comments this is clear and concise. Keep it going. 

Chandima Samarasinghe says:

Fantastic! Clearly explained the core concept. Best video that i found for
custom wp-theme development. Thank you again… and looking forward for
more video lessons relevent to WordPress :p

juanho says:

Usually the css files are placed inside a css subfolder, that is when
designing a site, because at the end od the design you end up with a couple
of css files.
if the css subfolder is kept, wordpress complains saying
“Broken theme.Template is missing.”

Is there a work around this issue?, and how to link the rest of css files a
webite might have?

Linda T says:

You say umm so much that it’s really annoying, turned off half way though
because it was UMMMM driving me insane. Oh and by the way, that isn’t a
wordpress tag as you say, it’s php code lol.. WordPress is designed in

Darrel Abello says:

dude.. very good.. thanks for providing a pdf.. and very nice tutorial… 

T Thim says:

Thanks a lot .one of the best tutorials ever .About your voice nothing is
wrong with it God has blessed you with the voice suitable to him if anyone
has a problem let them take it up with him . 

Garland Smith says:

This is good. I like the fact that you related this to an HTML website
that uses HTML and CSS and then built on that replacing the traditional
HTML/CSS methodology with WordPress methodology. This provides context for
someone who’s familiar with HTML/CSS and wants to apply that knowledge to
WordPress. I wish you had made the PDF available for download as that
document is a good reference as well.

Thank you

Viko Reyres says:

Good! I like it, and you give me some answers I was looking for at the
beginning of your vid, thanks for sharing, you explained very well all the
stuff involved, easy to understand, but one thing, not everybody has
dreamweaver and actually, I don’t like it, it would be more relevant if you
could make it more plain!, without using any code generator, as
Thanks again.

Harry Hogge says:

Sending you bare love and respect from Brighton UK! Love wordpress

Valerii Bogomolov says:

Many Thanks

LucasVallimZero says:

You really helped me! Best wordpress basics tutorial on youtube. 

Joie B says:

I haven’t watched the entire video yet, but have been following along as we
go. I am trying to create a theme to match my existing static website, and
just copied the html and css files from there. I’ve reached the point
where the index.php file has the link to the css doc changed so that the
theme can find it, but when I refresh my page I still do not have any css
applied. I followed everything to a T so far, so not sure what is wrong.
This is great in many ways, but it would be wonderful to have some
troubleshooting available somehow. Thank you~

Prabhat Kumar says:

Very nice and helpful thanks

Danonek W says:

i don’t like your voice :/ sorry for saying that.

Ziyad Mestour says:

I have been looking for such a tutorial for ages, thank you so much !

Bryan Torres says:

Great tutorial, thanks a lot 

Hermawan firdiansyah says:

Nice tutorial Bro
permit to download thi video
Thank You

Sakitsunebi says:

Thanks for this. How about creating custom page templates and custom post
types for the custom theme?

Nilguiri says:

Very helpful, thanks.

Jayesh Ladva says:

nice….one….but make some tutorial on ‘hoe to create blog’…please

Floyd Brooks says:

Awesome tut. 

Shahid Hazoor says:

Thanks for such a nice tutorial!

Marvin Meller says:

Thanks! Very helpfull

yan zhao says:

This is very helpful, thank you so much. However I did everything like you
said, but once on the local server I only can edit the theme and not my
content? Can anyone tell me why?

Zaki Safar says:

thank you , very helpful

dougieladd says:

Thanks. A clear explanation and easy to follow tut (once WP is installed) –
Cheers :)

Mohd Kamil says:

please give us the direct link of pdf file. From where we can download it?
Have u added any other wordpress tutorial of next level.

billupnorfUK says:

hi, would be great if you can link the files in description so we can
follow as we watch

Omar Habash says:

thank you!

Samarpan Groupindia says:

thank s brother
nice voice ,
i really like your tuts

Ashish Niroula says:

Very useful for starters… Thankyou!! I owe u man.. ;)

SkeeterZ71 says:

This is the most simple wordpress theme video I have ever seen. Bypass all
the files and use just one index.php file. amazing. thanks

Boris Bartkowski says:

very helpfull thanks. which learnbook i can use for my first steps?

Alvaro Gómez says:

Hey this is incredibly useful and I really liked it. Could you also create
a video where you can have different page styles inside one theme? You
know, I don’t want my website to look the same all over. Thank you.

Mohd Kamil says:

thanks bro

CartoonsAndGameShows says:

Thanks for the vid! What do you do if you update your version of
Wordpress, though? Newbie here.

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