Twenty Fourteen – WordPress Theme Review – First Peek!

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Close | Hot off the press Twenty Fourteen WordPress theme review. Is it the right theme for you? We compare the 2014 theme to its past cousins, dish on pros & cons, and reveal if you should use it yourself.

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Christopher Gudger-Raines says:

You so annoyed me in the first minute that I went elsewhere.

TuesdayNightsFeed says:

Our band just started using this theme and we are still trying to figure
out what we can and can’t do. SO far so good , but on the down side
maximizing the tabs vs. drop down is a little confusing for us first time

Product Launch Reports says:

Brand new, Twenty Fourteen WordPress Theme review – looks stunning, and
this video discusses why you may love or hate it. Check it out ….
#wordpress #wordpressthemes #productlaunch 

Vivekananda Kadukuntla says:

Create a child theme for twenty fourteen and customize as needed:

Lee Ziegler says:

WordPress 2014 theme is not user friendly at all. Very difficult to have
grid view to work and also slider. Hopefully in the future wordpress will
take more time to develop these themes before they release them.
Your friend Lee

Ste'phane Parker says:

anyone know how to add a paypal button? I’ve searched everywhere and do not
have the ‘plugins’ option available in my dashboard

BDMSN says:

Yeah, nice. Is this theme available some place in Spanish?

iPad Video Profits says:

Twenty Fourteen WordPress Theme – A Visual Theme for Visual People
#ipad #videomarketing

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