Understanding WordPress Themes

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This is a detailed overview on how to understand and control WordPress themes. This video should give you the tools and information you need to understand any WordPress theme.


Christopher Leavell says:

Hey Tyler, I have a specific question about themes I need to know where to
obtain food related or barbecue sauce themes for my online store?

Elissa Ross says:

Awesome Tyler. I changed my theme, but now can’t get my events to open from
the calendar. The date is highlighted, but won’t open to the event. Any

Tinker Bell says:

Tyler, I’ve watched most of your videos and have learned a lot from them.
Thank you so much for your time and effort. Are you also a web designer and

Jeff Carlson says:

Really nice presentation Tyler, Thank you. Comfortable to watch and listen
to. You did a very good job of explaining the flexible nature of the
different theme designs and let the viewers understand that some
experimentation and exploration is part of the process. Nice work.

The Power of One-ness says:

You are so amazing to watch, and sooo helpful. Is there a theme you would
recommend for membership sites with multi levels??

DIGI3COM says:

That is cool bro !
this is the best 30 minutes i spent learning WP so far 🙂
you have a really good presentation skills ;)

Arif khan says:

You really help me to build my first website and to use Google Analytics,
I am using Customizr Theme for my website, but how do i change or remove
page title showing on each pages. I will much appreciate it.

Pavan tenten says:

You made my learning like listening to music-cool descriptions and
suggestions- Really cooool. 

Jaime L says:

Can somebody help ? As per this nice tutorials, when I download and
activate the free theme Adapt.zip from wpexplorer.com I get the following
message: You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page, and
the after that, things do not go as expected from the tutorial. I’m using a
PC with windows. Thank you

Anne Hosier says:

How do I subscribe to any/all of your videos?
Many thanks for your expertise and professionalism on helping me find my
way through the techno-geek maze.

Martina Lucija says:

Thank You Tyler for this amazing step by step video , you did upgrade my
knowledge on about WordPress Themes for about 100% ;)

7777premier says:

So. what if I wanted one particular theme, but it doesn’t have a products
or shopping page could I take one from one. or make one

Ariadne Latorre says:

Hello Tyler: I really learn a lot from your video tutorials. I have been
installing different themes but having a hard time deciding. I like the
virtue theme because of the pictures, sliders, etc. but not interested in
the shopping cart. Can you recommend a WP theme that has the pictures
alternatives without the shopping cart?



Hermawan firdiansyah says:

Good lesson
Permit to download this video
Thank tuo tyler

rpashoukos says:

This is really good Tyler, it helped me a ton, thanks.

Shmamassage van Reshma Sheoratan says:

Thank you!! I’m just starting on building a website for my massage salon
and there are so many themes to choose from, I got a bit lost in all the
options. Your video helped me a lot in deciding which theme to choose for
my local business 😀 !!

Thomas Bonnick says:

That was an excellent video, much appreciated Tyler

James Warren says:

Thank you so much for your time and effort.

Neelam Upadhyay says:

superb (y) thanks a lot

Joshua Sean says:

Thank you, Tyler!

broodeater says:

Thx from Germany!

Nienna Ringeril says:

Thanks a lot…Great! All The best

Lynn Johnson says:

You are the first person that actually explained one of the things I needed
to know in addition to giving a full understanding of the design theme.
Thank you, I hope I find the the rest of my quest within your videos. :)

Lori Hewig says:

Another great video. Thanks

Kourosh Ar says:

Thank you so much for your videos

Cherry Hill says:

Hi Tyler, Thank you so much for your videos. I made my first website. Thank
you for sharing your knowledge.

Mr.Amorn Noipitak says:

Oh great!

Majbrit Villadsen says:

Thank you for sharing this, that really gave me a good overview and it
feels easier to dive into now!

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