Using Academy WordPress Theme to publish courses

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Academy is a great WordPress theme that helps you fast to publish Video courses for free or for Money with many options.

I am not the author of the theme. You can get support for problems only from the authors of it with subscription.

I can quote for custom projects on the theme and long term support by a contract only.

Download it from here!

The authors of the theme have been pushing lots of updates, make sure you maintain your subscription to have updates as since I’ve published the video they’ve made lots of fixes and improvements. If you have an old version taken from another source, many things will not work for you and take care as illegal share themes many times have the source modified and may contain malware.


Jinal Doshi says:

Hello, I want to upload an excel file in a Course. Its not a lesson
details. But only the Logged in Users can view it. Can you please guide me
with the same?

Mădălin Ignișca says:

guru prakash, if you have technical problems, address the author of the
theme on theme forest on the comment area (you must have bought the theme
from them, I’m just presenting it here).

For people that didn’t understand very well from this video, a new more
detailed release will be available on very soon.

Ahsan Ghoncheh says:

HI can you please give the link for your next video?

Krishnakumar K A says:

Hello, thanks a lot. Really helpful for people looking for wordpress LMS. I
have seen only two LMS in WordPress. In the following comment I have seen
few queries about this template, its unfortunate that you are not working
on WordPress. I request you to inform the team behind this theme about
these queries. There is no contact details in their website. Only after
buying the theme we can enter in to their forum.

Victoria Evtushenko says:

Hi! That’s a great video! Thank you very much!
Can you please teach how to add the PayPal to my WordPress page? Would be
very usefull for me.. 

WellnessAwake says:

Thank you for doing this video it has really helped!

Hugo Loyola says:

Thanks for sharing this. I’m still having lots of trouble setting up
WooCommerce settings using the Academy Theme. Could you help me?

Otavio Fonseca says:

is it possible to have premium/paid content and host it at Youtube or
Vimeo? Or is it necessary to “host” premium content. How can the content
be protected from sharing? 

Deji Ariyo says:

Does the Academy template integrate with Moodle and does it take SWF files?

Deji Ariyo says:

Does this allow SWF files?

daarunuur lilquraan says:

im trying to publish a course its publishing but its not showing me from
the course page idont know why can u plz help me

pook618 says:

Thanks for creating this video. May i know how to create the Courses menu
item/page? Please advise. 

arideep says:

Can you help me with creating my site in Academy learning software?

Miragem 3D says:

When I installed theme, it did not install WooCommerce. How can I do it?

Mădălin Ignișca says:

Hi, sorry for some delays in answering. I haven’t done the theme, you can
ask for free support from the creators of the theme (if you bought it from
themeforest) or I can help on charge for custom stuff. If you follow the
steps from the themes help files, you’ll be able to get the same setup like
in the demo of the theme.

Mădălin Ignișca says:

Hi, the demo file is included in the theme. If not, got to the theme’s site
and ask the author for it (they reply only if you have subscription). The
theme is not done by me.

Jose alberto Garcia says:

thank you for that great tutorial it help me allot; i am missing the demo,
i was wondering if you could send me the (XML-Demo content file ).

Jola Joola says:

can I add the creidt card payment to this theme?

Phạm Anh Dũng says:

Hello, I have Setup Academy Theme for WordPress, but when I created the
course, it does not show outside homepage. Can you help me how to setup the
Academy Theme Demo interface like? Thanks

Lucy Hall says:

I where is the next video please on subscriptions?

Mădălin Ignișca says:

use add a plugin, search for Woocommerce and install it

Mădălin Ignișca says:

Yes, the theme works with Woocommerce and you can use any of the Payment
gateways available on the official site of Woocommerce Paypal is built in
the plugin.

mcdo carbellido says:

Hi sir i already setup the themes but currently i miss the demo.xml can you
send me the demo xml. in my email i need it badly thank you so much

Mădălin Ignișca says:

Yes you can, the theme isn’t handling the commerce, it is integrating
Woocommerce that has addon plugins for most payment gateways. Just go to
Woothemes site in the Woocommerce section.

Mădălin Ignișca says:

Hi, the demo file is included in the theme. If not, got to the theme’s site
and ask the author for it (they reply only if you have subscription). The
theme is not done by me.

guru prakash says:

I create premium video tutorial site with academy theme. I created basic
plan and advance plan (basic plan user must be not access the advance
plan). Advance plan users will be access basic plan. How to i fix it? New
user take a plan, then admin will be approved via woo-commerce but not
account active the new user. Kindly help me. opentargets com

Bikash Dash says:

hi did u get the demo file ??? , if kindly mail me ..

Mădălin Ignișca says:

send me a private message please for support on websites development.

Mădălin Ignișca says:

the demo xml is included with the theme files from the authors and updated
with the theme to be compatible.

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