Using Revolution Slider with the X WordPress Theme

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Close Hello everyone, and thanks for watching. I was asked to make another video on this theme to show the admin areas of X, and specifically guide people along on how I created my opening slider animation at

Ask, and you shall receive. I hope this helps. As always, if you have any questions about X, or need free support, ask

THIS THEME HAS BEEN UPDATED TO 2.0!! Check out the latest news for this theme that updates the information in this video!

You can see for yourself what makes X so cool here:

If you’d like a video tour of the admin areas, visit here:


If you’d like me to do more WordPress reviews and tours, let me know in the comments. if you’d like any specific demonstration of X features, feel free to request those in the comments as well. Thanks for watching!

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HotTips! says:

As always, if you need theme-specific support problems solved, please login
to your account and ask the actual developers for help. If you
need more than just questions, and you want somebody to actually set things
up for your, build your site, or be an on-call consultant for your theme
with faster response times, you can learn more about what we can do for you

Anders Bråthen says:

I need to use text with backgrounds, as some of the ones in the
CSS-templates. But the problem is that the animation only works on the
text. Not the background. So if I want the text to face in after 2 sec, the
text-background is visible all the time. Do you have a tip for dealing with

Robert Sharpe says:

Great video! You didn’t go over how to load it into your website… 

Mike Wright says:

Nice guide. For anyone looking to use Revolution – be aware it does not
seem to work with posts and pages – tried with a number of themes
(including WordPress basic themes) – doesn’t work.

Creating slides as in this tutorial works – if that is all you wish to do –

Haley Mistler says:

Hi Charlie, thanks for this video! Quick question: I have 3 slides I’m
using but I’m stopping the show at the first slide and I’d like people to
be able to click to the next slides if they wish. Is there any way to get
the navigation arrow buttons to remain on the screen the whole time? No
matter what I do, they only show up when hovering over the slider. Also,
any way to change their shape/color? Thanks!!

laranja05 says:

what the toolbar you have used for pu revolution slider over the header?

Emranur Rahman says:

hey dude I can’t seem to get the video background working.
I just get a black screen. I copied your exact setting, and it still
doesn’t work. I’m new to wordpress btw.

Roger Day says:

Great video. Thanks.

Mark Gjaltema says:

Thanks a lot man! Your videos might as well be part of the official X theme
tutorials. Great work and a very nice gesture to share this with us. 

rsugihar8 says:

Thanks for the video Charlie. Really helped me a lot in deciding to buy
this theme!

Vest Craft says:

Hi, do you know why my x-theme doesn’t load the video backgroud? i do it
all ok but the video is missing, i’m using a 6 MB .m4v video and i dont
know what to do :/

Stephen bibby says:

My logo slider is going away and I don’t want it to like this one. I have
all of my settings set to what this one is. But mine goes away and repeats
itself every 9000ms. Where else should I check?

iFlek Cambodia says:

Hi! Can you please tell me how to set up one page theme with this theme, I
have been struggling with this problems for 5days now and still haven’t
figured out. I create 5pages, but only the home page show. The rest doesn’t
show altogether in one page. I’m one of your subcribers, I hope you will
tell me :)

grimkreaper says:

Excellent video, very well done

Lucas Morgan says:

Thanks for making these videos over theme X!

Diana Bays says:

Help! This video is great and really helped me to create my slider so that
it loads perfect on a pc. I followed your tips to the tee but when I look
at it on my Iphone or on a tablet my words all line up on top of each
other. I positioned the layers just like you explained. I am at a loss on
how to fix it?

acr1438 says:

NVM..I got it I need to Add a layer first. thanks for the video so

Thomas Gheorghe says:

Hey Charlie, I dropped a message on your website. If you could please
respond, it would be great! Thanks. 

Rob Hart says:

Great video! I’m completely new to WordPress and X Theme and your videos
have been incredibly helpful. I tried creating a slider using this video
as a guide, but I’m having trouble with the moving background video. I
purchased a moving background, which came as a 100 MB .mov file. I
converted it to an .mp4 file and loaded it to my media folder. It loads
fine in Safari, but won’t load in Firefox or Chrome. Any thoughts? hasn’t been any help so far. Their only reply is that the video
seems to be throwing some kind of error message in the non-Safari browsers.
Maybe it’s a codec issue in the original .mov file? I don’t know. Any
help you can offer is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Just need to know how you get an images to be full screen for a page…? 

iamjoehitdom says:

Thanks again for replying. Just one last question in this topic, I was able
to create a parallax element but i want it to be in full width and not
contained in a box. For some reason since it’s inside the visual composer,
it’s limited to the width of its container (which makes sense), but is
there a way around it?

Brian Cox says:

Would I use the revolution slider to have just a picture that parallaxes
with text over it as you scroll?

Dhari Baqer says:

thanks for the Videos you really helped me. I have one question, since I’m
using one slide, how to get rid of the arrows in right and left? it keep
showing me that there is 2 slides.

Sean Alloway says:


lakshya singh says:

there is no settings for above the masthead or below the masthead
pls help

MrBadMan330 says:

How did you create the bokeh?

acr1438 says:

I’m trying to create a new slider I followed everything except when I click
the Edit Style or try to input text it’s not responding. Why is that?
Need help..

Thomas Gheorghe says:

Another question if you dont mind. How big did you make your poster image
for the mobile devices? And was that created in adobe after effects as
well? Thanks a ton. 

iamjoehitdom says:

Hi there, can you use revolution slider to make some parallax item in the
web page? If you can, can you do a quick tutorial? I would greatly
appreciate if you can. Thanks a lot! :)

Asa Beaumont says:

Fantastic tutorial. If you would like to stop the banding on the video
background then add an adjustment layer and add noise at 1-3% above the

Thomas Gheorghe says:

Thanks for the video Charlie! I have a question. So the only way I can get
a video in the background is if I get a vimeo pro account? Are there any
work arounds? I just cant afford the $199 for the vimeo pro account. 

Icytat Dj says:

My revolutionary slider won’t edit anything. Its like its frozen

HotTips! says:

By popular demand, I’ve decided to create a tutorial on how I’ve made my
front page slider at using the X WordPress theme. Enjoy!

komoshn22 says:

Excellent video and thank you for your time and effort. I learned a lot.
Just a suggestion….the cursor movement you do to point out areas on the
screen is extremely distracting. Cheers.

Lucas Mayorca says:

Is really similar as wimeo animation! Thank you for your videos!

Lucas Rezende says:

Great video! Started studying WP this week and I am using this theme
specifically. Opened my eyes for most of the useful design implementations
they use in some samples. The only thing I still have to figure out is how
to start a Slide when an specific point of the page is reached (when
rolling out the page).

Anyway, congratulations!

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