Virtue WordPress Theme Tutorial: Home Page

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Tutorial showing how to work with the Home Page using the Virtue Premium WordPress Theme.


Eric Waldron says:

Is it possible to get the featured products or any products at all on the
home page with the free theme?

Feuza Reis says:

great video, we can’t figure out how to make the theme live, activated,
installed plug in but when I click on my domain name it just shows regular
wordpress included theme, I feel I am missing a simple step HELP

Craig Knight says:

Ive just downloaded this theme and none of this applies lol

Kandi Gibbs says:

Very helpful. I was very confused as to how to get started. Thank you.

pmeadowdale says:

I love your theme! Just purchased it and have already implemented it into
my site but I need a little help. How can I get the portfolio item on this
page NOT LINK to another page?
Thank you in advance!

Kadence Themes says:

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