WordPress Responsive Child Themes Tutorial Part#1 Updated Version

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This Tutorial uses version 1.9.3 of the Responsive Theme but can be used for earlier versions as well! Watch the Tutorial for version and later here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rck_hZ2Nnmw

Part #1 of a complete tutorial series on creating Responsive WordPress Child Themes by Allan pt.1 and pt.2. If you update a Theme, all changes and modifications you made to any files are lost. I show you how to create and use a Child Theme. From start to finish set up and how to activate it with WordPress including common error fixes. More Tips Tools and Tutorials from Allan at MindVisionMedia.net. Be sure to watch part 2!

If you need the child theme code with my handy instructions, you can get access to this download and others by signing up here:


Allan Whitney says:

Responsive WordPress Child Theme Tutorial from Allan at
MindVisionMedia.net. If you are not using a child theme to edit your
WordPress site or Blog, you should, its easy and will save you some time
and headache in the event something happens to your files. Part #1 and #2
detail what you need to know to get started using a child theme on the
Responsive or any theme.

Hudson Valley Wedding Photographers says:

Hi Allan. I already installed and activated the Responsive WordPress
Theme. I have also started using the Appearance Editor and changed things
around. If I create the Child theme now… is it going to work properly
or should I go back and undo everything I have already done? Thanks….

LoveMyCurlz says:

excellent instructions, there are many videos but quality is what is best!
good job on showing and explaining the steps to create a child theme in

Matthew Stickley says:

Allan, great tutorials. Very easy even for a newbie like myself. I was
unable to copy the screenshot.png in c-panel from parent to child but a
work around is to download it from the parent and then upload to the child
directory. Responsive

Marylou Wade says:

thanks for some very helpful insight to child themes.

B Viola says:

Hi Allen, very nice video. Thanks for posting. I have a question – I just
went through creating the child theme successfully, but it seems to have
lost its responsiveness. It looks like I may be missing certain divs with
certain classes, etc. For example, the navigation gets lost when the
browser window is less than about 530px wide. Not sure what I may have
missed. Any ideas? http://targmarksolutions.com/wordpress/

Andy Morris says:

why or how did the parent theme inherit the changes you made to the
sreenshot in the child theme?

Khaled Chikh says:


Allan Whitney says:

Hello YouthPastorSkid, you can do that except for the functions file. You
only need files that end in php or css, any others are not needed and only
files that you edited need to be copied. then you can update your parent
theme and your child theme will not change. be cautious of file name
changes in updates and make copies of all files first. Thanks

Tamara Salmon says:

Hi, thanks for this video, i’ve subbed. Do you make video’s on how to
customise child themes by adding category blog pages? I’m looking for a
tutorial on how to make each page a blog for a specific category. E.g. all
posts on laptops, go to the laptops blog page within my theme. At the
moment, i’ve got one blog page and all my other pages are static. Thanks

Cindy Bryant says:

Great videos, Allan! Thank you for sharing. I couldn’t believe how easy
this process is, well the creating of a child theme. I have so many
questions though. I want to learn how to add decorative images like
borders, custom images for dates, and even post titles, but I want to add
it where it’s a permanent decor, part of theme. This is for blogging
page/posts. Do you have a video like this one? If not, would love to see
one. 🙂 Thanks. Also, a video on how to add scrips/html/css.

Allan Whitney says:

LOLOLOL, I know I was on the floor after writing it, too funny the way it
came out.

Viorel Teodorof says:

I know that tutorial is for, but starting with the version
a new approach was included for the child theme of Responsive. A major
error is to include in styles file of the child theme the code: @import
url(“../responsive/style.css”); The responsive style is broken. See the
details at the Cyberchimps website for guide and update (the link
cannot be included here)

Allan Whitney says:

Hey Michael, a child theme is basically a copy of the original (parent)
since it’s a copy of the parent it is referred to as a child. It allows you
to edit and make changes without affecting the parent (original). Thusly,
when the parent is updated, the child is not affected. If all edits are on
the parent, your changes would be lost in an update. It is also insurance
in case the child is messed up or broken, you can revert back to the
parent, then create another child and re-apply your changes.

Allan Whitney says:

Thanks Viorel, its ALL in my Responsive Theme Update Explained
Tutorial. Thanks

Roger Phillips says:

Great tutorials you have helped me a tremendous amount. If you could please
answer one question for me I’ve searched for the answer long and hard. I’m
trying to move the header.php from from my parent to the child, my problem
is my theme “zAlive has files in the parent listed as full width
header.php, header.php and under templates has header.php. Could you please
tell me which one or what part to use, every time I try one it breaks my
styling on my site.

Elena Kammaeva says:

Hi Allan, thank you for the videos on Child Theme…very easy to follow and
on Saturday I will re-create my site because I made it with no child theme.
I modified the parent theme instead. Well, learning the hard way. I was
browsing for a tutorial on how to modify that white “Content background”
where you write all your texts. That white looks pretty bad …too much
contrast. I was searching in your videos too ..didn’t find anything.
Please, please make one…lots of people will be watching it.

Michael Officer says:

LOL, I get what you’re saying, but “in case the child is messed up or
broken, you can revert back to the parent, then create another child” is
too funny, hahaha

Michael Officer says:

In a nut shell, what is a “Child Theme” exactly? Thanks

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