WordPress Responsive Theme Child Theme Update v1.9.5.1+ 2014

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WordPress Responsive Theme Child Theme Update v1.9.5.1 2014. The long awaited child theme update tutorial that will help fix your broken parent or child theme. More Tips Tools and Tutorials from #allanmvm from MindVisionMedia.net

Note: You don’t have to copy the entire style css file to the child theme, that is just a simple way to get going for beginners and in cases when you will be modifying most of the style sheet. If you are familiar with css and getting code snippets from the parent style sheet, you can just add the sections you are modifying to the child style sheet.
You may need this code to import the parent file to the child although they say you don’t need it: New style css path=

@import url(“../responsive/core/css/style.css”);

Also do NOT copy the functions php file to your child theme, just create a file named functions php and make changes to that if you want to modify the functions file.


FAROUJA Amel says:

Thank you for sharing this video. Very helpfull, may Jesus bless you. 

Nicholas Drake says:

All of your videos have been extremely helpful.

Larry Cronkite says:

Thanks for your informative videos.
Will this also work with Responsive Pro?
I am using Responsive Pro with Serverpress (any comments).

Alla Goltsman says:

We are up for a new challenge. CyberChimps released a new version of the
Responsive theme. It is in testing now. But it’s coming. Did you notice
that, Allan?

Hudson Valley Wedding Photographers says:

Great video Allan

Maria DeArman says:

Hi Allan, I already have a website up and running – Responsive theme, would
it be too late to upload Child Theme? Would installing Child Theme erase my
work? Sorry, I’m a real newbie. I really appreciate you for sharing all
that you know =)))

Lori McNeill says:

Super helpful. Thank you!!

Sam Schouten says:

Hi Allan, I am working with a child theme to Responsive and added the
traditional @import url( ../responsive/style.css) and everything worked
fine. Then I studied your video and changed it to the
responsive/core/css/style.css . Seemed logical. But then the hole
responsive working of the theme collapsed. The sidebar would no longer
disappear to below deck but did the funniest things. It took me some time
to discover that the new @import was the culprit. Have you any suggestion
what happened. It does not make sense to me any longer that referring to an
empty style.css would work as opposed to referring to the real
I do enjoy your videos, great.

B Viola says:

Hi Allen, I just posted on your Part #1. This video was even more helpful,
esp. the part about importing the css files in the core folder. I’ve just
created a child theme for Version: and there were a couple css
files I had to import (mainly style.css & responsive.css), but I’m still
missing the menu/navigation bar when resized to a viewport of less than
530px or so. Perhaps that functionality is only included in the paid
Responsive Pro version? Please let me know if you have any insight. Great
video again. You’re very easy to follow. Thanks!

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