WordPress Theme from your Photoshop Design in Seconds

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http://psd2cssonline.com – now you can take your WordPress Theme Design in photoshop and convert it directly to all the code and images needed to be a real working WordPress theme. Just name some of the layers in your Photoshop PSD file right, upload to psd2css Online, and seconds later you’ll download a zip file with all of the code, files and images. Then just unzip it into your WordPress installation and it works!


Travis Brown says:

Do I have to program my theme to handle plugins? Or how would this be done?

nicomykle says:

This saved my ass, massive thanks man 🙂

How can I not have known this before, seriously? It’s over 5 years old!


hay 😀 ..good tuto 😀 5-rate xD but i have a question .. how can i set it
up so that you cant save the pictures ? i think i shoult edit the css.. but
i dont know how ..:S ..pls help

Evo2561 says:

Another question, Does it split the design into header.php, footer.php,
post.php etc for the WordPress themes?

theYouthfrenzy says:

Use filezilla to upload all the files to your theme folder in your cpanel.

Jonathan Laws says:

Im having some problems, i uploaded the file to wordpress and i was unable
to edit the main areas and everything :S

ARGH2JAY says:

My content box is blank (white) on all pages… I don’t know what I’m doing
wrong. I’m titling the box shape “content_wordpress” and it’s just not
showing the content.

manib19 says:

I upload the css file and it makes a psd2css.zip file for me. I go into
wordpress and when I upload the psd2css.zip file and click on “Install
theme”, I get error message: “The package could not be installed. The theme
is missing the style.css stylesheet.” Not sure what I’m doing wrong. Please

psd2cssonline says:

@zZJoennZz If you go to your WP dashboard > Appearance > Edit CSS > Paste
in the PSD2CSS generated stylesheet, your theme will upload!

humanyoda says:

And in your case, an image (with a set height, of course) is used for the
background of the sidebar, and if the use zooms in (just text mode), the
text will escape the boundaries of the sidebar. I think tools like this are
good mainly for producing quick prototypes.

psd2cssonline says:

@nimad1990 what kind of internet connection do you have? There is a file
size limit as well…

Maciej Konczewski says:


gipsydove says:

I have photoshop Elements and designed many navigation bars/button sets but
don’t know how or if i can even make a folder layer. Is it possible in
Elements and if not, can you tell me a sollution so i can start working.
then i can buy full photoshop i already have clients that really like my
work i just really need to get this going! Thanks so much for your time and
wonderful program!

jad2x24 says:

this is awesome dude..

Sykora727 says:

I just cannot find a way to upload my downloaded zip file to wordpress.
It’s really frustrating. I’ve looked for the Add New Theme link, but it is
no where to be seen. Please help!

kabascoolr says:

@psd2cssonline yes!

Jérômine Lucas says:

When I try to upload the folder in wordpress it tells me that the style
sheet is missing, what can I do to fix this please ?

psd2cssonline says:

@17DM If you do a quick google search you can pull up what a hosted
terminal is… this is only used if don’t already have a WP running on a
server.. it allows you to locally host it.

psd2cssonline says:

Possibly you weren’t logged in? Or maybe you didn’t name the layers right?
If you have an account (free for the first 2 weeks) and name the layers
right, it will not make simple HTML files but will in fact make a complete,
correct and working WordPress theme. If you think it’s not working, post
your PSD to the forums at the site and we’ll figure out what’s going on.

psd2cssonline says:

@Benjamin5050 yes there are over 40 vids on what you can do using our tool.
I would look at the Menu and Background ones first and then start looking
at the other media ones

benadamz says:

Dude. Youve saved me a lot of trouble with this. Thanks so much.

Coolpool79 says:

I can only hear this in my left ear… -.-

Joe Welton says:

Nice vid, I only just achieved my first $782 this week and it feels
spectacular! all thanks to a really amazing youtube video called: “V2
Marketing Course”,?

Ryan Green says:

this is beautiful; if i knew you i would kiss you………..on second
thought; a hug will suffice. anyway is this free? and if not; its still
worth it

psd2cssonline says:

@FaultedJonny you can name the layer anything that you want; check out the
Link and Link Over and Hover Examples on our channel for more details

My Name Isn't Earl says:

Hello! I think this is a fantastic tool, but I’m a bit stuck. How do I show
wordpress where the footer is (no naming convention for it that I can
find?) so that widgets I put in the footer get put in the correct place on
the theme I’ve made?

Reymysterioforlife1 says:

mate can u help me with something 🙁

Joshua Guvi says:

Its really annoying how the sound is only coming out of the left speaker

ejwmsphotography says:

What size is your sidebar and content bar?

Jonathan Laws says:

What would the layer name be for a navigation bar?

Desiree Smith says:

Does this work for Thesis?

djmixmind says:

Does this really work for custom sites? Someone please hit me back!

Morris West says:

HAHA Trolls like you are out-date !!! No one falls for the Obvious Troll an
more , and so it’s time you get a new hobby ! Trolls are so boring !

bogensgaap says:

pfff… why not just create a zip file and voila..? I really don’t like the
localhost-mamp-terminal and other geek stuff. Well, it is way to geeky for
me, probably not for you 😉

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