WordPress Tutorial – How To Install A WordPress Theme Through The WordPress Dashboard

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Learn How To Install A WordPress Theme Through The WordPress Dashboard! Watch This Tutorial Now!

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Kubilay Balci says:

are you using wordpress.org or .com ?

DoraHungary says:

What can i do if i haven’t got an install themes button? (Do you know why
is it?)

Irfan Addriadi says:

Thanks Mika… nice tutorial… ^_^

Laura Ann Smith says:

This was very helpful, thanks Mika :)

Mika Kaltoft says:

@xSBxUltrax Yes it is very possible and very easy. Just go to Appearance
and find the option MENUS .. If you need additional help Col323WebDesign
and help you out fast and cheap 🙂

Mika Kaltoft says:

@xSBxUltrax So you are having problem with the menu bar? because you want
to make sub pages? Am I Right?

Mika Kaltoft says:

@xSBxUltrax Can you specify your questions. You can go and create a new
page named “Browse”. On that page you can create other links, to other
pages where you have the genre or list of bands. I will need some more
specific information in order for me to give you a more direct answer 🙂

xSBxUltrax says:

@Col323WebDesign when i make pages they appear on the main bar. this is so
confusing. im trying to make wordpress act like a website and i dont think

seroberts242 says:

I don’t have the option to “Install Themes”. It doesn’t exist. Is there
another way to install a theme?

xSBxUltrax says:

How do I make a page titled, “Browse” that goes to a list of genres, upon
selecting a genre, goes to a list of bands. is wordpress capable of this?

xSBxUltrax says:

@Col323WebDesign yes. is it even possible to make sub pages in wordpress? i
was going to use wordpress to make my website but if you cant even create
sub pages, no point.

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