WordPress: X Theme Demo Content

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Step-By-Step walkthrough of how to install the “X” theme by theme.co, as well as install & configure the demo content, customizer settings, sample pages, and homepage.


Phuong White says:

Hi Blake! Thank you so much for your clear and simple tutorial. May I ask
you for your candid opinion of the concerns some have voiced about the idea
that this theme may be bloated and is causing slow load times on websites.
I LOVE this theme and have been back and forth on switching my theme. The
only concern I have left now is this one possible issue. Would you be so
kind as to give your opinion on this?

Nayeli Edith Contreras says:

How i can log in to my x demo account if i already have the theme forest
help please?. I buy the theme in envato pay the $63 dollars now how i can
get the demo that i want in to WordPress?

Russell Fast says:

When I type in my URL it goes right to my most recent post rather than my
newly created page. What is the solution to this? Possibly a dumb question
but no matter what I do, I can’t seem to make the homepage my created

Josh Gilardi says:

Is it possible for someone to share the Renew 2 demo content folder with me
in a dropbox or something? I am fed up with my account and just want that
one demo. Please and thanks!

Stephen bibby says:

where do you direct your child theme? I can’t update it without losing

Alice Guignard says:

Hi ! Thanks for the video ! It is great.
I have a problem, I don’t see the “Customizer” menu on the left, I have to
go in “Appearence” and then “Editor” to have the Customizer. The problem is
that I can’t access to the “Import” page of the Customizer menu, so I can’t
put my .json file.
I tried to type the link to the page (
“…/wp-admin/customizer.php?page=import “) and it says I have no rights to
go to this page.

Is there any solutions to insert my .json file ?

Emmett Moore says:

Worlds most confusing video. Super Bowl champ of WTF.

TeamAxel says:

for some reason i can’t download the demo content :(. Can you please send
me Integrity main demo? 

JeronimoCorleone says:

ok got it , apparently you have to register on envato separately from
themeforest even after purchasing theme X from themeforest. In order to do
so you have to get your purchase code from themeforest first and then use
this purchased code during your registration on envato. Check this link it
will show where and when you have to use your purchase code
Or you can pay them another $50 (after you paid for the Theme X) and they
will do it for you. It looks not very fair.

Hunter Haldimann says:

why isn’t “customizer” an option for me?

Hunter Haldimann says:

I dont understand. How do i create an account in theme.co? 

Linda H says:

Great video. Thanks for helping me understand a bizillion times better
than x themes site what I needed to do. I am pretty much a novice and
learning the ropes as I go.

Gizmo says:

Nice tutorial. Great job for going into so much detail. I was on the fence
about purchasing this theme, after watching this tutorial you’ve helped me
come to a decision. Thanks!

Marlena Sofia Rasmussen says:

GREAT VIDEO! Love this step by step guide. A Little problem at 9:50 where
you tap Backend Editor to the Visual composer – i dont have that button.
Why and where can i find it?

valerie maresca says:

Awesome video Blake, This is exactly what I need in a step by step! Thanks.

kin tes says:

Thanks, Blake. The video helped a lot where I didn’t know where to start

kristalklaro says:

i saw you download the demo content but not used it/or upload it to your
wordpress dashboard? exactly how did you use it? i only saw the customizer
and vc uploaded and used?

cheung1987 says:

This was ridiculously helpful. Thank you! I understand that the font,
style, etc. is the same and I’m assuming that I’d have to grab my own
content / assets / slider / etc?

Keep it up, already subscribed.

Gabriel Meraz says:

Super Useful! Thank You!

Chaylon Blancett says:

nice video. thanks.

Blake Howard says:

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