X – The Best WordPress Theme Ever (Admin Areas)

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http://hottipscentral.com/x-best-wordpress-theme-ever-made-review/ Hello everyone, and thanks for watching. I was asked to make another video on this theme to show the admin areas of X, and some of the special usability of the theme itself. So in this video, I cover the Customizer, Visual Composer page editing, and Revolution Slider integration, all included with the purchase of X.

THIS THEME HAS BEEN UPDATED TO 2.0!! Check out the latest news for this theme that updates the information in this video!

You can see for yourself what makes X so cool here: http://cpry.net/LP6pLW

Get a tour and demo of using Revolution Slider for X here:


If you’d like me to do more WordPress reviews and tours, let me know in the comments. if you’d like any specific demonstration of X features, feel free to request those in the comments as well. Thanks for watching!

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Photoshopeando says:

Thanks a lot for these videos about X. I’m having a hard time trying to
choose a new theme for my blog, mainly considering High End, Presso, X and
even Elegant Themes. So hard to make a decision!!

I would like to ask you about something that I find really odd: how come
there appears to be no online tutorials or documentation at all for X? Or
perhaps there are, but we can only see them after paying? Other themes have
plenty of public documentation available, and this material helps us
prospective buyers figure out the amount of options, customisation and
easiness or complexity of each theme. In fact, does Themco even have a
Youtube channel? Maybe I have not been able to find it?

Weren’t it for your videos, I would not be taking X into account, since all
I had seen so far were the demo sites (helpful, but as I said, we need to
see the other side of the coin). Anyway, I’ll keep looking, but thanks
again for your excellent videos about X.

Zapped Games says:

Thanks Alot I Love It
I Just Want To Ask How Can I Make a Specific Menu For Logged In Users And
Another For Logged Out?

Thomas Gheorghe says:

When you clicked the little pencil at 9:14, you dont have an image showing.
Is that not where you set up those big circles with the images inside of

HotTips! says:

this link to learn more:

Wayne Anderson says:

Hi Charlie
Great tutorial on X, I’m new to wordpress many have said it’s easy to use,
but I’ve noticed that all wordpress themes don’t work the same, some have
more in respect of editing, but by in large restrictive, I’ve been ask to
create a website for a company just starting up, I came across your
tutorial and found them edifying,
I’ve seen that you have answered some peoples request with this theme X,
will you build a website from start to finnish, to get best results please.
I understand you’re very busy, but I will be grateful for your expertise.

4AHealthyLife says:

Awesome video overview. I just purchased this theme. I was wondering what
theme do you use for your hottips website? Seems like a modified version on
Site 1 of Ethos. Is that correct? Would love to see a video on how to get a
similar layout. Specifically features such as the imaged posts in the
megamenus, getting the logo area and banner at on top, and for posts to
have the cool modern tags above the headlines.

Nashville Puma says:

I can’t get to the visual composer for the home page. I’ve tried all (4)
stacks *they’ve added ethos* I can’t even find the page in my menus editor.
There’s only one page and that’s the “contact” page I’ve created under the
main menu. (And there’s no “edit this page” tab at the top of my dashboard
when viewing the home page like there is for all the other pages. Really,
the only reason I would like to get there is because I don’t want my blog
at the home page, but rather an about page or gallery. 

Nikhil Sethi says:

Great tutorial. Could you tell me what stack does x’s homepage use?

Matt Fuller says:

Hello – first off, great videos. I have not purchased the X theme as of yet
but you’ve got me real close to it. I just have a few questions before I
take the plunge.

1. I have several clients (mostly schools) that use custom post types. This
is to post things such as lunch menus, announcements, etc. My question is
does X do custom post types? Can you create them in X? Do you need to
create them using a plugin or coding them in? Will it recognize it if you
do that and allow you to put that content in the same way it allows pages
and regular posts?

2. How does X play with 3rd party plugins? For example, I use the Time.ly
calendar plugin a lot because of its ease of use, it is clean, easy to set
up and most of my clients like it.

3. Also, what about colors? Can you change the general/overall colors
within the customizer or do you have to alter PSD files to completely
makeover the color scheme of a new site?

Thanks again Charlie for your videos. They have been very helpful and many
thanks in advance for any advice you can send my way on these questions.

James Maynard says:

Hi Charlie, loving your videos about the X theme and been watching them
over and over for help with designing my website. One quick question, I’m
really stuck – do you know of a way I can make the content container
transparent? ..at the moment, I can only seem to have the container
background colour as black on a dark integrity setup. Any help would be
great! Thanks, James

Kevin Lutz says:

Hey great video! Thank you. I wanted to ask you: how can you place a video
as the homepage background? And would videos taken by my iphone5 be enough
quality to appear as a full page background video? I’m complied a little
video in iMovie and am wondering how to incorporate it in my website. Do I
have to save it in a certain format?

Felix Yakubov says:

Hey! Can you give away the list of the plugins you use?)) Great Vid by the
way!!~! Thanks!

Ronen Freeman says:

Hi Charlie, thanks a lot for this tutorial. How do i customize the text
size, font and color through visual composer?

Jesper Larsson says:

A small question, where do you find Customization files that you can upload?
you can send them to me? :)

Márk Major says:

Where can i costumize the menus?!! :/

crabbie2007 says:

great video , i have uploaded the theme but dont have the demo content
installed and was wondering how you go about installing the demo,s ?
thanks , keep the videos coming as your easy to understand and follow , not
like a lot of others ive seen 

Adam Hennell says:

I just bought this theme. You started talking about the demo file at 2:36
I cant find it anywhere. Where can I find it?

VisionEars says:

The Visual Composer was activated but does not show up on the page page.
Any ideas? I tried un-activating and re-.. but only slider settings and
the rest of my options appear.

Thomas Gheorghe says:

What are the title icons and touch icons in the customizer for? Sorry for
all the questions Charlie. 

vandana sharma says:


I am setting up the slideshow with Revolution slider. It seems ok on
desktops and laptops. But the text does not seem to resize on a phone. It
is not responsive and it overflows. I am not sure what I need to do. Would
appreciate some help.


Gina Henderson says:

Hey, I have a question that’s driving me crazy with this theme. For some
reason on my ‘blog’ page in X theme the pages title is visable and i can’t
disable it – I’ve tried choosing blank- header footer layout. Checking the
box that disable page title but it’s still there are massive! Any tips
would be hugely helpful!

I would also be hugely greatful if you could tell me how to change the
H1/H2 sizes. I know it’s based on a % from what you put in on typography /
content in the customizer but is there any way to choose them? 

Omar Hamid says:

Hey, I’m having some minor difficulties. I’m trying to do the same thing
with the strategically placed face, however everytime I try to load the
image in the background its either distorted, could you guide me a little?
What I did so far was 1. Custom Headline + Text (no text inside just spaces
to widen the image area) and within this Text The Background Image with the
Parallax effect. Any ideas?

Angela Stucker says:

I’ve been thinking about getting the X theme. I’ve watched your overview
video, which was great, this one was really helpful too, and the deciding
factor for me. Thanks much!

sixtyFive Watts says:

This tutorial did not even come close to helping a noob like me . At 2:19
You skipped an important info . My site right now is very blank with
nothing except the hello world. Why is themeforest hard to install ?

Ali Kahaie says:

Hi, where can I find the main page of the X theme in WP? When I try to
install visual composer I get the following error:

Could not create directory. js_composer/assets/less/old tpl_css/utils copy

Why is that and how can I fix it? (I’m using altervista.org for hosting).

Mike Dickson says:

When I open the pages tab it doesn’t have those masthead-related options.
Also, it has a list up all the pages I’ve created but not the homepage. Am
I missing something? Thanks. 

Thomas Gheorghe says:

Quick question if you dont mind, how big did you make your logo in your
menu bar? I inserted my logo and it pushed everything on the home page to
the right by quite a bit. Input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! 

Devin Gilmer says:

Hey, great video. Can you tell me how to get rid of the “Proudly Powered
by” in the footer of X-Theme? I believe its a little different than other

HandsOnDream says:

Hey Charlie! Really nice video! Thanks for sharing it! So… i liked the
theme a lot but there’s something that i’m not sure. The Home page has just
static content? I have a blog and a lot of sessions/categories on it. I
wish i could use then on the homepage. I mean i want to have in the front
page always dynamic content. Is that possible? Thank you very much!

Nancy Hoyt says:

Hi Charlie,
I’ve watched your tutorial several times (thank you). Sadly, I don’t find
this template as exciting as you, but hope you can help me to. How do I
load the demos??? I can load stacks no problem, but not demos.When I
preview my site, it’s very sterile–definitely not drag and drop like Adobe
Muse. Please HELP!!

harsha5085 says:

Can we have the demo content file please?

Obi-Wan Kenobi says:

A Real Game change on website – #Congrats

Mark The Tech says:

How did you put a custom homepage one there? I can only seem to see “The
Blog.” I know how to make a home page. I just can’t find a setting for a
static homepage or custom homepage instead of the default posts.

Jennifer Merton says:

Great video, thanks, but I need more about the demos. I have down loaded
them (I think) but can’t figure out how to see them! You said something
about an ‘annotation’ Where/what is this? Needless to say I am a very
early beginner at this… Thanks

Sharif Shaltout says:

Hi Charlie, if its not too much trouble, can you please make a tutorial on
how you did the video inside the revolution slider at the end…it would be
very much appreciated. 

Zally23 says:

Double parked? An extra quart of Mountain Dew just before you started to
make this video? Is there a class on “speed watching” somewhere so I can
get the most out of this tutorial? 

jonatan peralta says:

Great theme I just downloaded thanks to you. Can you please go in more
depth, Maybe making a page with different sliders a table and just
different cool unique things that this themes brings to the table.

Sameer Nagpal says:

Hi… I really liked your video. You explain everything in a very precise
and clear manner.

Could you please tell me which hosting server you use? I have the same
theme installed for my website, however, my download time is excruciatingly
slow when compared to yours

Raphael Lim says:

Hey how do you make your page post your homepage?

Odhish Rafid says:

I loved how you giggled ever so slightly when you said complete package,
regardless thanks for the site idea.

Moktadir Rahman says:

Why my mp4 video doesn’t show in home page under revolution slider?

Thomas Gheorghe says:

Could you please make a video tutorial on the revolution slider and how you
made the video on your homepage please? It would help us all out. Thanks. 

Shawn Paulson says:

Hey Charley, How do i get the integrity 1 stack?

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