X – The Best WordPress Theme Ever Made? (Review)

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http://hottipscentral.com/x-best-wordpress-theme-ever-made-review/ Hello everyone, and thanks for stopping in. Today I’m reviewing (or just giving you a tour of) a new WordPress theme, which I believe is the best WordPress theme I’ve ever seen so far. Why do I think that? Because I’ve never made a video of one before, and this one all but forced me to want to make one.

THIS THEME HAS BEEN UPDATED TO 2.0!! Check out the latest news for this theme that updates the information in this video!

You can see for yourself what makes X so cool here: http://cpry.net/LP6pLW

If you’d like a video tour of the admin areas, visit here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZjPV_l8RBg

Get a tour and demo of using Revolution Slider for X here:


If you’d like me to do more WordPress reviews and tours, let me know in the comments. This is the first time I’ve talked about one, so I’m unsure of what the response will be for more.

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HotTips! says:

Hey folks! Just wanted to stop in and say we’ve got ANOTHER video tutorial
on X released today, talking about how to use Revolution Slider to create a
video intro like we’ve done for our business site.

You can see that tutorial here: Using Revolution Slider with the X
WordPress Theme

ArabothCitizen says:

wordpress.com or .org?

Jonathan Zapata says:

Hey! perhaps this is a sillyquestion, but if I purchase the pack of themes,
I will buy the zip files for each theme and I will be able to use a theme
from the packs for any domain I have, am I right ?

dbzfanz4life says:

Could you please upload the demo html/xml file for what you are using in
your website? 

Emilie Deneuvelaere says:

Thanks for the nice demo video! I am trying to find a way to use the demos
they are putting as an exemple on the website, to use as a base not to
start from scratch, but I can’t find a way to do it 🙁 Could you help me
find out how to do this ? Thanks>

Mohammed Alshamlan says:

Nice theme is it good for a blog ??

HooksandBeats says:

Using this theme on my site still in the works but it’s getting there! Love
this theme.

David Nelson says:

Charlie, I like this. It’s very nicely done — smooth — well-thought-out
— and extremely helpful. Thank you.

It may be just me, but I’ve had a dickens of a time pouring through
WordPress’ directory of themes — tiny thumbnails (if present at all) —
long loading times, just for a look-see — themes close, but not exactly
the right fit. So, I’ve decided to make my own. Hence, this look at X,
among others.

You’ve saved me a lot of time and trouble — and I send best regards.

rang930 says:

Thank for the great videos.
I am brand new to word press,if I use this theme can I still use other word
press plugins for SEO or Pop ups?
Thanks in advance

HotTips! says:

If anyone would like another example of this theme in action, we’ve used it
for our new Business website, PryorMedia.net. See it in a real-world
example here: http://pryormedia.net

Mark Hallam says:

I found the customizer to be problematic when using xampp (even though
other themes were fine). Other than that it seems to have a lot of

Shaheen Samavati says:

Have you tried the U-design theme from ThemeForest? If so, how does X
compare? I’ve used U-design for a couple of projects, and was very happy
with the number of features and level of customizability. However, I would
say that U-design doesn’t come with a lot of “out of the box” design
elements, while it seems like X does (I haven’t tried it yet). I also spent
more time than I would have liked in the U-design support forums figuring
out how different aspects of the theme worked. So maybe X is a better
option for people with less experience. What do you think? I’m considering
X for my next project 🙂 

Noah Joubert says:

I haven’t been getting a response from the theme x support so I was just
wondering if anyone here might know how I can get rid of the the featured
image showing within the post itself?
All the best,

adamcbowen1 says:

Can’t update page when I try to embed a youtube video using the visual
composer… any ideas?

DeeJ Alex says:

I purchased this theme, and although it looks nice, its too slow. Not
happy with it at all. 

DLocked says:

Hey HotTips! Your video helped me make a decision on whether to purchase
this theme or not! I was wondering in your opinion, as a web designer
whether customizing themes is actually creating a website for your client.
Is it considered cheating or just moving with the demand of the times?

SpamNoLikey :D says:

Nah, this theme is a resource hog and touts itself as being the best.
Doesn’t play well with others and there are much more talented/awesome
themes out there. Shop around! PLUS: who the heck cares about 30+ ways to
style a theme? You’re only allowed a Single Site License and can only use
on 1 WEBSITE, haha. False marketing ;-)

sam lacey says:

1:41 prfufufufluff?

scottiblasto says:

I am drowning. I just want a classic oldschool website. Couple of
pages, little left or right icons to take you to the next page, and that’s
it. Still want it to look good…. any suggestions. BTW I am a terrible
designer, 🙂 

naikii says:

Hi, loved your video, one thing that I want to know though is, is this
something that is suitable and useable for a non-web designer? Could I, as
a regular user pick this up fairly easily to design a website for my
business? Cheers!

iFlek Cambodia says:

Hey man! I couldn’t find where to create parallax image effect with text. I
wonder how does the theme work like if I want to make it like one page
theme and when we click on each menu and it just goes down to the content
we click like about us or contact us…. Please help me!

Cliff Diseker says:

Hey Hot Tips!
Is this theme priced on a rental basis? Or do we buy it our-right?
On the site when I click the buy now button is shows a monthly option.


George David says:

hi! Awesome video and thanks for your great explanation. What’s the
selling point of the X theme compared to popular frameworks for WP (such as
Genesis, Thesis, or Headway)?

Prithvi Raj says:

Thanks for this. It helped a lot.

Jason Lihou says:

$3000 bucks for extended license! It is nice though I have to agree and I
guess 10 clients charged $300 would be reasonable.

Skandolish says:

I’m planning on getting this, but don’t know if I can use it as an
affiliate site..

Parcelhub Limited says:

Good theme, highly responsive

Bethany Stillwell says:

Is it really 3k to get unlimited?

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