Beginner WordPress Tutorial (Step By Step) – 2013

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Here’s how to make a website using WordPress. This is for complete beginners, so you do not need to know anything about making websites in order to follow along.


Mr Manson says:

I am in Germany. Would you guys recommand me not to get a hosting service
that is located in US? other words – Do you guys suggest me to get a
hosting provider in Germany because I am in Germany.

I know the servers would be far away from me in US but would I experience
something big and bad?

Precious Resch says:

Hi Tyler, I would like to be able to have my website in two languages or at
least the option to choose a language. Would I be able to do this with
wordpress built site?

A adam says:

hi tylor i need limo booking form how i can get it if u can help or any

tshepo choma says:

Hi is Roberts site a responsive website? Meaning can it accommodate mobile
and tablet platform for viewing. 

Loukwon sant says:

Thank you for taking the time to do this Some of us appreciate it. You’re

표효정 says:

Hi Tyler, I am trying to make web with word press and am following you. but
i was wondering that I was clicked the install button. but it doesnt work.
then i can see ERROR 403 – FORBIDDEN. mean that the server does not have
permission to view the requested file or resource. wanna solve it… 

CIDV Hisimage says:

Hi Tyker, this is great tutorial. Please can you send me WordPress software
and its accessories, I’ll appreciate, Thanks for accepting.

Kay Gillett says:

Hi Tyler, Im
‘m wanting to place my paypal button into the htlm code, but don’t know how
to find the code.Can you help? 

Stephanie Sikora says:

Hi Tyler. Can you please tell me which theme was used in this video? Super
helpful! Thanks!

Héctor Emilio says:

Hi Tyler, how can i upload the page to my server if i’ve been working off
line on my mac on the web page?
Thanks for your help on this it was really helpfull

Alyssa Tracy says:

Hi Tyler — following along with you to build a website, a question for
you: If I get a domain name from HostGator, do I own it and is that
important. Would you recommend purchasing it first?

Jeremy Harris says:

Tyler, you are a deadset legend mate, thank you!

David De says:

What can I say, you have a good heart. Much thanks and respect.

Penny Stock Titan says:

Why cant I find portfolio in the templates?

Bremner Benedict says:

I downloaded Delta to my desktop. When I go to appearance/add themes/choose
file it shows me the Delta file opened but doesn’t allow me to select all
and choose install now. It allows me to install one line at a time – that
can’t be right..I can’t find any help for this – can you help?

Vishal Arora says:

Tyler Moore, thanks for such a nice video, but i am getting a 404-error
when i view my page, can u please figure out this problem for me, thanks in

PIC TEC says:

man you amazing so what about sliders plugins and tiles like windows 8
styles can you make tut about it 

Judy Coates says:

Tyler your videos are so very helpful, you have a wonderful way of teaching
newbie’s because you explain and don’t leave details out that are often
missed by teachers who are familiar with a topic.
I would like to ask for your help with a wordpress theme called Abaris. It
will not preview the home page. I clear the cache after making changes but
only the site wide sections update. In your tutorial on the Blackbird theme
you showed how to add the home page with adding the /index extension but I
can’t see where to do this in Abaris. would you please help, I am truly
frustrated. Thanks in advance!

Alan Ryan Hall says:

Great Teacher, clear , precise

Saidur Rahman says:

Thank you very much Morre, its really helpful….

Gurpreet Singh says:

Hi Tyler Sir,Is there any vedio by you on “phplist on wordpress”?

miroslav gyonov says:

Thanks Tyler.

Jason Pentheny says:

Very Helpful! You go through steps from start to finish, and don’t assume
that people know every step, it really helps people like me! Thanks!

Darkrox Albania says:

Hi Tyler Moore,
First thank you for the tutorial, you have done a AMAISING JOB.
Can you help me answering this question ?
I have seen a theme that i like, “Object” Theme it is called and once i
downloaded it free.It is a Premium Theme,is there any problem to use it ? 

Sally Hoffman says:

Will this be installing WP.Org or

IamKoncept says:

Great tutorial! You are an asset to my “YouTube University” learning and
the best part is there are no student loans lol .. Needless to say.. I

roos jongstra says:

thank you so much, I was asking for this information forever!

unkel pikchers says:

Lovely. I watched the whole thing! The short code stuff is going to be hard
to remember, though. Also, having to copy/paste code from plug-ins seems to
add a complicated step. Oh well. I guess that’s for people who want to dig
deep into this. I just want something cool up and running ASAP!

Krista Molenaar says:

I fi-nal-ly get it! Thank you so much! 

Anthony Spanks says:

Hi Tyler, I Looking Build A Site For My Affiliate Marketing I Will Need
Your Help.

Nicole Bogle says:

hi Tyler….great video. I am unable to see my dashboard in the same format
as yours on the video. I don’t have all the links that you have on the
left??? Please Help

Mohamed Albakri says:

Amazing very easy to follow your steps and I like it.

shubham saurabh Shahi says:

Suppose i had Uploaded some Document on my Website. I want this should not
be Downloaded by any one else.
Attached Document should be Downloaded by people I allow,
like i will Provide them Login Credential so that they can login and
Download the file.

Q1> How to make Multiple Login Account.
Q2> How to allow a Specif People to Download Attachment.

Please Help me.

Alexandre Nabil Beust says:

Great Tutorial! Learned a lot! Thanks!

Peter Wilson says:

absolutely the best instructions—just what I needed

Kay Gillett says:

I’m using wordpress, but the way with my host being Hostgator. They say to
ask you.

...and people wonder says:

This was Awesome! I learned a ton! I look forward to building my website
now. I used to dread the thought lol. I still have a lot to learn but I’m
sure you’ll cover all the bases. Thanks Tyler!

vary khin says:


Maria Carolina Bordoy Soto says:

Great tutorial Tyler!!! It helped me sooo much 🙂 keep on with the good
work… I just bougth the domain… step by step :)

Robbie Penney says:

You are amazing! so easy to follow and way better instruction than I got
from who I signed up with.

Lori Hewig says:

Thank you so much for the great instruction and for keeping it free. So

Anam Baig-Mirza says:

Very helpful. Thank you! 

Lynn Black says:

Tyler your lessons are extremely easy to follow. Thanks!

ttybloke says:

Thank you very much

Julie Pierce says:

Thank you so much. What a fantastic tutorial; such detail, things explained
easily…just great! You have taken something that appears to be somewhat
intimidating, so easy.
Thanks for all the time this took, its so very appreciated :)

Deanna Hatcher says:

Tyler, I have two words for you…AWE, SOME! You are truly gifted in
teaching. Thanks so much for your tutorial and I have already subscribed
to your channel.

vij Na says:

Thank you so much ! Its really very helpful.

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