Create A WordPress Website (Genesis Executive Pro) 2014 PROFESSIONAL

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Close In this WordPress tutorial video for beginners, learn step-by-step from scratch how to create a professional, customized business website using the industry leading Genesis framework, WordPress, and “Executive Pro” child theme. No coding experience required, this advanced WordPress training will guide you from zero to professional.

The Genesis Framework by StudioPress is used by leading bloggers, media producers, developers, and content marketers across the web. Genesis features state-of-the-art code that is optimized for search engines and recognized for increasing speed of websites (thanks to its clean code). Also, Genesis is coded to adhere to the latest WordPress security standards.


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Add this code to the Magic Action Box Styles in the “Others” tab in the “Custom CSS” box:

.mab-widget .mab-inside-wrap .magic-action-box form .mab-field {
display: inline-block;

0:00:06 Introduction
0:09:11 and Genesis Framework
0:11:49 Getting Started: Cost
0:14:24 Creating the website
0:14:36 Set up Domain Name and Webhosting
0:21:52 Installing WordPress
0:26:38 Download and Add Executive Pro Genesis Theme
0:32:45 WordPress, Genesis Framework and Executive Pro relationship
0:34:23 Adding Plugins
0:40:53 Adding the logo
0:42:02 Adding pages and menu items
0:49:30 Adding Blog Index Page
0:50:21 Adding Contact Page
0:51:30 Adding Contacts Page
01:00:00 — Adding Slider to the Website and Slider Settings and Customization
01:18:42 — Adding content below slider/Call to Action Box/Widgets
01:33:46 — Thumbnail image dimensions and Regenerations
01:38:30 — Jetpack Plugin, Sharing to Social Media and Settings
01:43:58 Second way to set up Photo Gallery
01:49:30 — Third option to set up Photo Gallery
01:53:40 — Background colour change and ‘Shop’ page added to the homepage
01:57:03 — Call to Action Box and widget areas in footer
2:01:12 Email Opt-in Form
2:03:23 Search box and Social Icons
2:05:48 Adding Video
2:06:58 Adding Social Network Icons
2:12:03 Adding Genesis E-news Extended Widget
2:16:22 Activating Mail Poet Newsletter Plugin
2:18:41 Adding Social Network Icons on the Primary Sidebar
2:21:39 Adding Recent Posts in the Primary Sidebar
2:22:56 Creating a Landing Page
2:26:30 Customizing WordPress
2:35:16 Changing Fonts
2:41:36 Changing Background Color
2:51:04 Changing Content (Underneath the Title)
2:55:10 Changing Button Color
3:03:01 Adding Top Border
3:04:32 Customizing the Executive Pro Theme


77webstudio says:

+Martin McLoughlin +Wayne Stratton thanks for your comments, guys! hope you
enjoy this video! 

Trine Scholer-Eriksen says:

Hi Katrina, thank you so much for the best tutorial I have seen so far.
Just one question regarding the footer area as I would like to have a very
simple footer with just a line or two, is that possible in this theme?

danny d says:

Great video ty 

Rob R says:

Hi Katrina- Excellent training tutorial!! I really appreciate your
clarity, level of detail, and ability to explain and demo things in a
straight forward and coherent manner. If I wasn’t unemployed, I would
definitely donate towards your costs. Please keep up the great work!!



Kevin James says:

awesome video ! Will use your affilate links for your hard work:)

I would also LOVE if you did one of these videos for the Enterprise pro
theme from Genesis.. Would be so appreciated. Keep it up! 

Youpele Ekpedekumo says:

Katrina, I have Genesis sixteen nine pro. Will this video be useful for a
different pro theme?

Enguerrand Meyrat says:

thanks K! Without this tutorial, my website would never exist. Now I can do

Dan Taber says:

Hi this is the best wordpress video i have seen. Very clear and detail.
Thanks for your help.

Tao Ran says:

hi is there any way to delete the copyright statement in theme? i just
create the WordPress for myself so do worry i will cheating

Donald Sylvia says:

What a great informative tutorial. I learned a lot. Thank you!

thekitchencommando says:

Don’t change a THING. This is AWESOME. THANK YOU!!!

Mike Wo says:

Hi Katrinah,
Before I watched you videos I did not have any idea how to create an online
store. But after your detail step by step walk-thru, I started to
understand a little more and I love your videos, very helpful!!! I think I
will start my online store very soon =)
Please kindly help me with the following problems I currently have:
1. How do I create a promotion discount when customers click “LIKE” on
facebook or any other social sites of my online store? I do I know if they
really click “Like”? or automatic apply discount at check out?
2. How do I collect customer’s shipping addresses to print out shipping
labels? Are there a simple way to print out more labels for different
Thank you and please keep posting your video to help us!!!

SportsNAYtion says:

This tutorial is amazing!

Mark Chadwick says:

Katrina, this is a great video that I keep referencing again and again.
That being said, there are things that you post in banners in the video for
which it would be helpful to also be listed in the description so we can
copy and paste them. Examples include the line of script to reference the
custom.css file and the link to the Studiopress article about Google Fonts.

Still, these are small inconveniences for the value I received from this
video. Thanks.

Fannetta Lim says:

Dear Katrina,
Thank you so much for the awesome tutorial. You made a good tutor! I am
currently using Runway Pro, Genesis Child theme. Hope that one you can also
create a a tutorial on that! Cheers!

Jessica Maletic says:

Hi Katrinah,
I just started using Executive Pro for my website, and seem to have my Blog
page showing up as my automatic Home page. I’m having a hard time
separating the two. How can I set up a non-post home page?
Love your videos. Awesome and extremely helpful.

David Morse says:

Katrinah do you ever stop smiling? I sure hope not!!! Great stuff.

Tynisha Thompson says:

Hi Katrina, I’ve gone all the way to end and I’m having a problem with the
opt-in box. When I add the MAB widget to the Home-CTA section, with the “My
Style” box that I created, it stacks the name on top of the email address
instead of making it a horizontal form. How can I fix this? Thank you so
much for this. 

Mary Alexander says:

What a great tutorial! It help me a lot, thank you!! 

Carson Daily says:

where did you learn this? is there a school or online training?

Megan Garcia says:


I recently used your tutorial and I learned so much.

But when my screen size is in between iPad size and desktop, the website
doesn’t scale; so the side bar shows up *below* the content and off to the
side (on the blog page, for example.)

Is this a glitch in the theme? Or what can I do to fix this?

Thank you!

Richer Oncoming says:

$12.13 or something which one is you pay it once and which once is you pay
it Continuously.

and it’s it possible to add Text Later of any other languages . i can write
it here but is it going to be visible for other viewers.thanks.

Nancy Eldredge-Huett says:

Thank you for making this video, I waited for weeks for our designer to
help me and I finally got frustrated enough to try to figure it out on my
own. So I have completely redone our website based off from your tutorial
and trying to work around what the designer had already completed. I
couldn’t of done it without your help. I would love to have you visit our
website and give me some pointers on what I could improve, our website is Feel free to contact me directly at with your comments. Thank you, thank you!

Jim Gaither says:

First of all, thank you for putting out these videos, I have truly learned
a lot, if it weren’t for you, I would have never gotten this far putting my
website together. I own and operate a CPR business on the side when I’m not
at the fire dept. I went with the Genesis/Executive pro theme. The
problem I’m having is getting the custom.css to work. “Any Suggestions”.
Thank you

Kathy Ferneau says:

I agree regarding the time stamps. They are so helpful for finding the
subject matter you’re interested in reviewing.

Solito Reyes II says:

Wow, this is the most comprehensive instructional. This company should pay
you for this video. Invaluable!

Tynisha Thompson says:

I’m so thrilled to have found you and I love that your videos are long and
detailed. A true dream. Thanks!

Carson Daily says:

well done.thanks

Arizona Homes says:

I rarely make comments, however I must say your tutorial is amazing and so
are you!

thekitchencommando says:

Hey there I have a quick question for you. I followed this video (than you
again) with great success. However, after I updated to 4.0 this past week
I lost the ability to choose “create photo gallery.” The entire media page
has changed. Any thoughts on how I can retrieve that option? I can’t find
it ANYWHERE. Thanks.

Steven De Smet says:

Dear Katrinah, I like your video a lot. But for my purpose I need to
duplicate the widget middle area. because I have 9 categories I want to put
into. Please tell me where I need to edit this.

Kind regards

GabakTech - Cursos de Computación Gratis says:

hi, i got my YT channel too.
here it is few suggestions for your videos.
you have great content but your videos are so long.
i think you should make videos by subject. then make a playlist.
so if i know one subject i ll skip that subject and i ll go to the next one
and so on.
other wise it is so hard so watch the whole video and look for something in
Also it will help you to rank better by google cuz they care about how long
ppl watch your videos.
i hope it helps. if you want to talk more about that let me know. Or
watch gideon shalwick channel he explain many things to improve videos etc

David Vaughan says:

This has been a wonderful tutorial, along with the others but I am having
issues with magic box not looking anything like what you have in the video. are you able to possibly look at the site and see where I
went wrong? For instance you speak about the h4 tag but I have no h4 tag
when I inspect the element. Also, magic box is not responsive at all.
Thank you

Jennifer Kim says:

In the Responsive Slider the title and excerpt show up on my Chromebook and
the box is grey. But when I view the homepage on an Ipad’s or an Android
phone 1) the box is black and 2) the text and the excerpt is missing.

In my Slider Settings, the “Hide Title & Content on Mobile Devices”
checkbox is NOT selected.

I found this answer in the studiopress forum:

Do I need to go into the regular style sheet (style.css) and remove this
code? Or type something in the custom.css?

My website is Thanks in advance.

Amanda S says:

Thanks so much for your video tutorials! I’ve watched all of this one and
am now working back through it again to create my site. I think I’m
missing something for the email opt-in under the slider though. I did
watch your other video recommended, “Capture Leads….”. I noticed in this
video at time stamp 2:02:57 that a text box comes up stating “see the video
description for a link to custom magic action box settings used in this
video”. Maybe that’s what I need but I don’t think I see it in the video
description. I have Magic Action Box, MailChimp, and a Text placeholder in
the Home-Call To Action widget. Any suggestions? Thanks again!! :)

Emeka Ogbonna says:

Thank you so much for your time and hard work. I wanna ask you a question!
what is the size of the header images for the slide shows on the website

Smith Karyn says:

Sorry, type error, But then you can NOT update, install new plugin, or new
version with this theme on VPS. 

Terrence Tejada says:

Hi katrinah, Can I install another wordpress on hostgator ? without
enabling multisite ? thank you

Claire Cook, Bestselling Author, Reinvention Speaker says:

Thank you so much for this great video, Katrinah. I thought I followed
everything exactly. The custom.css file shows up in the editor. I made all
the changes in it, but when I click on update file and go to view site,
they’re not showing. Any thoughts on what I might have done wrong? Thank

TechControl says:

plzzzz create a video on setting up a web hosting company by reseller
account plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i badly need it :'(

Smith Karyn says:

I would really suggest no one use this theme. It caused me a great trouble
for three weeks. And the problem still grows big.. First,this is a big
file, you won’t be able to run fast on a shared platform, it takes 14 – 20
minutes to download. If you are a business owner, then no visitor will wait
for this long. For this reason I moved to VPS, a server just for myself.
Yes, it run faster now. But then you can update, install new plugin, or new
version. There is a massive problem about the ownership access issue. I
dont really know where is the problem, I guess this is not a standard
wordpress theme, so a conflict generated when update or install plugin.
WordPress says this is not wordpress issue, my VPS hoster says it is
wordpress issue… HEADACHE….

Nirav Patel says:

How to Create A CUSTOM Business Website?

Fannetta Lim says:

Hey Katrina,
I am running a runway pro, Genesis Child theme, I would like to change my
header logo but there is no ‘header’ drop-down under the appearance? Any
idea? Thanks!

Murph Alt says:

Katrinah, I built a site and my site shows up both as and Also etc. I read this is bad for seo. How
to correct this. Great videos by the way. Thank you.

Jin Vogz says:

Thank you very much! I’ve learned a lot. Also, I was able to use the
Mailpoet newsletter for free too without using Mailchimp, access my list in
one site.
Thumbs Up!

Piyada Cote says:

I like your video. It’s easy to follow. You don’t talk too fast. Just
perfect! You did a good job! 

Smith Karyn says:

Enjoy so much watching your video. I learn a lots from you, thank you
Katrina. However, I have a little issue with this good quality website I
created. I have many good images posted on my website, but it seems those
images have slowed the website running. They are just jpeg web page size.
Maybe I put a little too many. I wonder if you have any video teaching how
to reduce image size for website ? Thank you so much. Claire x

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