Creating a free WordPress blog – tutorial for beginners

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Blogs are a great way to express yourself online, whether you’re an individual with interesting ideas to share, or a community group wanting to showcase your activities.

This tutorial shows you how to set up a free blog at and get started picking a theme and adding posts and pages. For more detailed help and 1-2-1 home tuition, go to


Anne Witton says:

@LamboMan7 Thanks very much for your kind comment. Glad you found it

Elmer Diego says:

really appreciate..thanks alot

Frederick Reyes says:

Just started back in university and boy did I appreciate your video! I can
get around a computer fairly well but I have never been asked to “make”
something such as a blog or website. Thank you for opening the door a bit
so I can understand. I have a lot more to learn but, as I said, your 15
min. helped greatly. Cheers!

diana halmi says:

Hi! I’m rather new on wordpress and I don’t have any idea how to categorize
anything. I would really like to have a review blog for books and things
like that. I made a menu with five pages. How do I post separately in those
pages and alphabetize the posts? For example: alphabetize the books by
author/title. Thank you for your time!

JOHN Bessler says:
chocoholicSISTA263 says:

This looks really helpful! I’m starting a wordpress blog today. ;)

LamboMan7 says:

Thank you so much for this quick and simple tutorial. Seems like this is
the only video on youtube that talks about the free wordpress blog rather
than the paid one :)

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