How to Create a Website with WordPress 3.9.1 | WordPress Tutorial 2014

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In this video tutorial you can learn how to create and build a WordPress website from scratch step by step with no step skipped. This tutorial will quickly help you make a website or a .com quickly and professionally. Also learn a little css and how to adjust some css properties. This will help any small business make a small business website quickly.

How to create your own website
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Ester Budinski says:

why does the theme look different when i publish it? looks like a blog not
a website

FaTal Cubez says:

Why is that website in the description in a different language? Just
curious :P

Misbah Farazi says:

hey , it’s a great job , I hope you publish more tutorials 🙂
Thanks a lot for your nice job .

Kushal V. Mahajan says:

Simple, Concise and that too with proper sound quality. Thank you so much.

harry gambhir says:

for some reason my theme homepage is coming out as a blog and i don’t know
how to make it normal . I realized it once i created a blog page . How can
i make my theme page come out normally like you do ?

tribaljewelryguru online says:

Thank you for this! 

Christian Reiss says:

Is this Customizr?

Sage Willow says:

thank you so much!! I appreciate this tutorial.

Lize Rall says:

I need help with the theme “Discover”. I’m a beginner user and did play
around with WordPress but still needs lots of help.

Shreyas Kudav says:

Great work! ;)

Samuel Sousa says:

man, no doubt this is the longest video ive ever seen on youtube…thanks
for doing this!

sagayaraj joseph says:

Thank you so much for your tutorial. I am a beginer to the web design, it
is really useful for me and i learned so much from your tutorial. if you
have any another tutorial in you tube pls. send me the link. Thanking you
in advance

Ahmed Ahmed says:

bad video quality !


I love your video because it helps me from knowing nothing about wordpress.
Can i contact you for some help if need be? I’m sick and home bound and
would love to have something to create. Please help me…it would be a
gift. Thank you HyperStudio.

HyperStudio says:

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