How to Make a Business Website | COMPLETE WordPress Tutorial to Create Your Own!

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In this tutorial you’ll learn how to make your own professional business website, using the popular WordPress, step by step!

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Web agencies charge thousands of $$$$’s – but we teach you how to do it for next to nothing. Do you have Questions? Ask in the comments below, we’ll be happy to help 🙂

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Quick Links
00:26 – Overview.
04:46 – Getting your .com domain.
10:24 – Getting web hosting.
15:57 – Initial website setup.
25:39 – Adding the awesome site design!
31:08 – Customizing the sidebar (adding map, facebook box, etc..)
48:40 – Adding the contact form.
53:57 – Adding content pages.
56:15 – Adding the awesome dropdown menu.
59:53 – Adding the 4 footer boxes.
1:02:18 – Adding the Social Media icon links.
1:05:55 – Adding the slider images.
1:10:03 – Creating a Logo.
1:14:38 – Optional design settings.
1:19:23 – The FINISHED Product!

Hope we have been able to teach you how to create a website for your business, using the popular and easy to use WordPress Content Management System (CMS). Contact us if you have any questions. And please LIKE our video!


Tony Ontiveros says:

I wish you could elaborate more on how to imput the correct photo sizes

cupkram says:

Really informative video, thank you for posting it here. I have a question,
I work on Mac Osx and I would like to know if I can build my site using
your tutorial on a Mac running Osx Mavericks ? Looking forward to your
reply, regards Mark

Jane Huang says:

Great video!!! Thanks pal, it helps a lot!

parmjeet singh says:

This tutorial is great explanation to make a website on WordPress,
Thanks for creating this video it helped me a lot to understand from
beginning to set up full business website thanks again.

Peter Tebin says:

Awesome video, only question I have is I want to be able to blog and it
show up not on the front page but under another page how do you do that
since I didn’t see that in the video. 

TheMrsixx1 says:

This tutorial was really helpfull. Thanks 

kavi raj says:

supper good video for beginners. 

Arif Karim says:

hey man i really appreciate your tutorial, i tried to make my own, but
unfortunately while i was trying to pay the hatchling plan, i was amazed
that it costs me around $40 on hosting addons, in contrast in your tutorial
shows $0. Would you mind explaining me something or teaching me to be $0 ?

alverage70 says:

Hey, I want to ask you is it possible that I create the word press website
and design it and then host it and create a domain name for it?

The Love Power Goddess says:

This was so easy to follow, almost meditative with your soothing voice and
beautiful accent :)

aziz rehman says:

thank you so much. I checked videos from other youtube users but you video
was so in detail and step by step. very easy to follow. my website is up
and running. the only problem i have is that my logo has white background.
somehow i manage to change it to transparant in pixlr. but stil its size is
so big that i can use it on my website. if you could give me a tip how to
reduce its size that would be great. other than that you teaching method is
awsome. thanks again


Thank you! Very informative and easy to follow.

Naresh Narasimhalu says:

Hi Liked you video very much. I have one question. How to add banner slider
in all pages.Thank you

Gareth Etherington says:

i am trying to add the fae book like box like you showing in facebook
Developers but when i put my facebook page name in place of theres. Mine
does not come up below as preview i tryed copying the html code and pasting
into the web site but just does not shoe up. I am making sure on web page
that it is in html but still nothing it driving me mad!! lol Also i have
tryed putting facebook button and twitter like you showed in video but all
i get on my page is just the blue box with no symbol of facebook and when
you click onit it just says page not there on facebooks sign in page.
be really greatful if you can help me

kind regards gaz

jim morrow says:

Black Studio TinyMCE Widget is not showing up in my list of widgets?? i’ve
installed it and activated it ugh

Qui Chi says:

Hey. I am getting An error occurred in the upload. Please try again later
while uploading photos on Meta Slider plugin… any solutions ?

Veashna Khmer says:

Hello, my name is Ken. First, I greatly appreciate your video tutorial. It
easy to follow. I did subscribe your youtube already. I am about to
domain, but before that I have two questions. 1) Can you make slide photo
gallery clickable ,(clickable while the photo is sliding)? 2) Can you
podcast or post music with your WordPress? Thanks. my email is
Hope to hear from you soon.?

Jhorge D'O says:

Once installed and activated the Black Studio Tiny MC plugin shows up on my
widgets as Visual Editor. The Visual Editor does not have the text bar
where I can blod letters or change font size. I can write with it but it
does not show exactly as your illustration. Any suggestions?

enzo borgo says:

Supernice video guys, thanks a bunch!

Sabershield says:

is there a way to change the image on the top left corner of the tab ?

yasir hussain says:

Thanks very informative.Please any video or tutorial you can recommend with
creating of login and register pages as well. 

chris neville says:

i cant find the theme you downloaded and installed

Rudolf Lovrencic says:

Thanks for this…. it’s very easy to follow…

Cove Watercraft Jeff Carter says:

Thanks for your help! Where are the three logo icons you were going to

wordupmag says:

Thumbs up…thanks

Wang Chao says:

Hi I have installed the black studio widget but I can not see it under
Appearance- Widget. Do you know why? Thanks

Julia Manderson says:

Well, I’m working my way through the instructions … got to the WordPress
installation and was told that the link was being ‘retired’, but I bit the
bullet and followed the onscreen instructions and I’m still trundling
through … back on track waiting for my site to be visible

TLH Pet Store says:

Great video and very informative.

Lawrence Johnson says:

Excellent video!! This is one of the best on this topic I’ve ever seen,
many thanks!

mummajoy says:

Just linking the domain to website but got error 404, what does that mean?

Donald Johnson says:

Great! Thank you.

Omar Aguilar says:

Great! Thank you.

Glenn Pritchard says:

Brilliant!!! My website is now up and running, it just needs to be tweaked
and all the information added however your video gave me the knowledge I
needed to get the basics up and running. AWESOME!!!

Tahani Al says:

One question, from where can I get more themes?
Thanks again :)

Jan Melet says:

You clearly explained WordPress, love it

Mark C. says:

Thank you so very much! How did I do? It’s still
work in progress, but I am very grateful for your help. Mark

Wil P says:

how can i add paypal to the website?

celebrityserb says:

Fantastic and Easy to follow Video.
Few Question.
1.What is the perfect size for those large pictures on home page -my look
kind of blury.
2.Contact Form 7 for some reason is not working…is there some alternative
or my settings are somehow wrong(changed few emails-none worked)
3.How do you integrate Paypal into website -i would like to sell 3 products?


Zahide Hernandez says:


Mallesh Lingachar says:

Hi, Thanks for such a wonderful tutorial. How to get rid off ” Leave the
reply’ at the bottom of every page. Thanks for the help

Tahani Al says:

Thank you very much that was really helpful!
Never thought it’s gonna be that easy

bangali babu says:

Excellent step by step instructions.

Dave Caperton says:

Great tutorial! I have been so frustrated that I didn’t understand what did
what in WP. This has been really helpful.

Sireesha Dhullipalla says:

How to remove meta slider from aboutus,…,contact us pages

gretcha villaruz says:

i need help .. im having a hard time because of black studio . i already
installed in plugins but it dont see it in widgets 🙁 .. thanks

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