WordPress – How to create Sub menus.

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WordPress (WP) – How to create Submenus. This provides better organization of your menu choices.


Satya Ranjan Roy says:

thanks for your helpful guideline.

a small link in humanity's thread says:

Extremely helpful and concise, thank you.


thanks a lot dude…

Ovidiu Drobotă says:

It is okay. But on my wordpress blog is not working.

Daneng Xiong says:

Hey, I just wanted to say Thank you for sharing the information. I was
having the hardest time trying to figure it out. Its funny how sometimes
something so simple could be so complicated. Thanks again for making it

Maria Camilo says:

Looks very simple, however, on *my* page by “attributes” I ONLY have
“Template” and “order” …no “Parent” 🙁 Googling how to get it now

Saif M says:

Thank you very much.

Julia Kasdorf says:

yay! thanks!

Darlene Hall says:

Thank you!

Ali Salari says:

thank you very much for the informative and easy to use tutorial hope to
see more tutorials from you soon

webjunkdotcom says:

Take a look at my video “Missing Options in WordPress” which explains.


They have upgraded the way that it’s done now. It also really depends on
your template and how it will allow you to do it.

1000maplers says:

Thank you so much!! Other videos make this look so confusing.

webjunkdotcom says:

It has worked for many other people who have posted below but it is
possible your WP Theme does not support submenus. Some themes are missing
the proper code to display them. You can fix it (if you understand the
code) by adding wp_list_pages with child_of, all well detailed in the WP

elevate me says:

How do you prevent the services button from being able to be clicked? Only
the submenu part.

Matt Feast says:

gr8 vid. Thanks!

Phil Claffey says:

Hello Paul, that really helped me out, have a great day and thank you for
improving mine. :O)

Pooja Rathod says:

This procedure is wrong to create sub menus

Dwayne Grimes says:

Thanks for your post.

The Offlane says:

Thanks for the guide! appreciate it

mufongo says:

If you don’t mind, could you provide some more details as to how to go
about fixing the code so that my theme could support the submenu option? I
did everything that was instructed in this video to create the submenu, but
it still doesn’t show up. I have a free account, and I’m thinking maybe
this is why? If I fix the code, could I circumvent this? any help is

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