WordPress Tutorial – Elegant Themes – Chameleon Home Page Setup

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How to set-up your Elegant Themes homepage. This tutorial is using the Chameleon Theme but would also be relevant to any of the Elegant themes. You’ll just have different options available for your home page.


Soma Chhun says:

thanks alot for your video , but my theme don`t have wp-Elegance Theme
Setting. So what should i do ?

USA Food & Vacation says:

Thanks for the video 🙂 It`s a good tutorial

Kimberlie Donelly says:

awesome video. your voice is very soothing!

Holger Hogelücht says:

I thank you very much for this very good video to make Elegant Themes easy!

DebTheWebUK says:

That would involve some re-coding of the site because everything else would
need to widen as well.

DebTheWebUK says:

Thank you Leslie, If you get stuck just let me know.

Juan Villalta Reguilón says:

Thankssss ¡ Really good tutorial, fantastic ¡

Jau Fab says:

Hi Deb, thanks so much for your usefull tutorials. I’ve just installed
Chameleon, followed all the steps you describe for the home but Content
areas nor Media bar appear (thay are enabled and linked to pages and
gallery). Any ideas of what might happen? Thank you very much in advance!

pilatesworkouts says:

Thank you 🙂

DebTheWebUK says:

You are very welcome Anita.

Leslie Jeansonne says:

Wonderful tutorial. Now let me see if I can do it. May be asking questions.

Mikersson says:

My home page got corrupted, I deleted it and now I cant set up a home page
with a featured slider even I create a new page and se up as “home page”.
Could you give me hint?

Anita Simon says:

thanks for your nice and useful tutorials!!!

DebTheWebUK says:

You’re welcome Juan. Glad it was helpful.

DebTheWebUK says:

Not sure without looking inside your site. Check all your Epanel settings.
You’ll also find there some documentation on the theme about how to set up
the content areas and media bar.

DebTheWebUK says:

You’re welcome.

Gary Kolenich says:

wow, great video. Thanks! How do you post a picture on the multi media bar
and pics on a page we have for staff bios?

Djamel Haraoui says:

great tutorial , thanks Very much

Jesús Muela says:

Thanks a lot Deb from Spain. It’s really nice the easy way you explain
these things. And nice voice too. Jesús.

Ryan O'Keefe says:

Watched your video and thank you for he help, do you know how to widen the
main image on homepage.

Reuben Brook says:

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Marcie Dampier says:

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