WordPress Tutorial for Beginners 2014: Step by Step Build Your Website

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Video Notes:
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25% OFF: PowerFlower
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# Hostgator Hosting: http://www.websitewizard.tv/yt/hostgator

# Traffica Premium Theme: http://www.websitewizard.tv/yt/traffica

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# Plugins used:
Contact Form 7
All in one SEO pack
SEO Friendly Images
WP Super Cache
Google XML Sitemaps

# Ping List: http://www.websitewizard.tv/yt/pinglist

Video Chapters Index:
Click on the time stamp below to go straight to that part of the video.

0:29 Website Overview
2:50 Why WordPress?
3:21 How Much Will It Cost?
4:11 Web Hosting
8:48 Welcome Email
9:10 cPanel Install WordPress
12:00 Logging in to WordPress
12:26 Setting up the Theme
14:50 – Website Logo
16:06 – Homepage Sliders
20:26 – Homepage Heading & Description
22:00 – Homepage Featured Areas
26:03 Creating the Pages
29:06 Contact Form
55:12 Sidebar Widget Area
59:02 Permalinks
1:00:02 Website Title & Description
1:01:03 Premium Traffica Theme
1:02:13 Social Icons
1:03:09 Search Engine Optimization Plugins
1:03:54 – All in One SEO Pack
1:07:11 – SEO Friendly Images
1:08:28 – WP Super Cache
1:09:00 – Google XML Sitemaps
1:09:41 – Ping List

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WebsiteWizard.tv says:

Hey there,
@Raj- You can use a footer widget for this.
@Sasha- There isn’t one in the settings, but you can either use a footer
widget to add it manually, or you can use a social icons plugin.

Orange Exorcists says:

Can you use HTML on wordpress?

Grazyna Matys says:

Thank you ! Now at least I understand something about building the web
page… How do I attach a wordpress video into this page ?

nakul jadhav says:

Can we add video (not a video link or URL) which will be played directly in
the slider part alongwith the other slider images as usual when you visit a

Sbangani Alexandra Nkwanyana says:

Awesome man, good basics. Keep up the good work.

kosal hung says:

thanks for your good video. but i have problem with hostgator. that i can’t
open wordpress after i install it in hostgator. what should i do? thanks
for reply.

Paul Quinn says:

Hi there,
I’m just starting out and looking into this and I’m finding this verrrry
helpful and I like the way WordPress makes words simple. I’m very much
looking forward in running my web ideas along with my job.
I haven’t had chance to watch the whole video yet as I’ve got to get to
work :-/ but does the tutorial show how to set up companies that want to
advertise on your site, also does it show how to set up receiving payments
for a service

md mustafa says:

Really its great tutorial fo beginner and even for skilled people. Though I
am newbie to this but while watching this I have created my website and its
damm cool !!!

Chris Tarin says:

Thank you for this post. I had someone working on my website and the page
titles show up on the left panel between COMMENTs and APPEARANCE. How do I
delete these or rename them? I can’t seem to do either. Thank you for your

Esther Scherchen says:

Great help, thank you!

Adolfo E Paniagua says:

Thank to you I pick up the pro version however I have a small problem I
need your help please how can I remove the small section about the social
sites on the right hand side of the website

Schiariti Dario German says:

Thank you very much, this is useful and clear. You are helping a lot

Incognito12 says:

Thanks, that was very clear, easy to follow, and extremely useful. 

Brendan Devlin says:

David Beckham

Pat Ross says:

Great intro! So well organized and easy to understand. Thanks ever so

Rajesh varma says:

Hi, You are very helpful to people like us..
Im having another hosting provider in which Im unable to find the
installation option for word press…where I consulted them ..they had
given information to download dump from wordpress.org and upload to sever.
But they are not clear…please help me

Ndelitunga Lungameni says:

Thanks for the helpful video, just wondering if I change the theme will I
lose my content?

Adolfo E Paniagua says:

Thank you so,so much just one question if I want to add more content on the
sidebar where I need plugins like putting my phone number or something else
what can I do

Sasha Dee says:

in the “social icons” there isn’t one for instagram….how do I add one?


This is Super.could you tell me how to add footer for this theme

Coach81 says:

Great tutorial. Filled in a lot of the blanks.

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