WordPress Tutorial For Beginners: Create A Website & Get Online – Today!

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http://77webstudio.com In this WordPress tutorial for beginners, learn how to create a beautiful WordPress website step-by-step using the FREE “Twenty Thirteen” WordPress theme. No coding experience required, this advanced WordPress training will guide you from the very beginning.

This is a GORGEOUS, responsive WordPress website theme with an amazing design. It’s UNBELIEVABLE that this beautiful theme is also free! (Thank you, WordPress!).

This website will look amazing on laptops and desktops, as well as on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

If you are looking for a blog-focused website theme, this video tutorial is for you.

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Ann Harrison says:

So helpful. Thank you Katrinah! I was finally able to remove a child’s
theme that was full of problems (“Pretty Young Thing” Not fond of the name
either.) After a troublesome year I was going to give up on WP all
together however, a very helpful person at my web host talked in a language
that I could understand and now I’m using the Twenty Thirteen theme. It’s
so nice to see what all the WP fans are so excited about… finally!

2013Guevara says:

Hi, Katrinah. Congratulations, great tutorial !
Thank you very much.

Alex Tsimogianis says:

Thank you for the video, and I hope you keep up the awesome work.

asher ngoma says:

Really great video. Your attention to detail makes you a great teacher.

Omer Farooq says:

Hi Katrina, thank you for your help. May i just know how I can write my
office address on the header image next to the site title and tagline. Is
there any special coding required and how I can do this because this theme
does not support it.

alfonso elizondo says:

Hi first of all thanks for your video, its been very helpful. I’m having
trouble trying to add the gravatar profile by jetpack (1:15:20) but it´s
missing from the available widget area. In fact no jetpack widgets appear
in this area. Can you help me? I have installed the jetpack for the
carousel and it´s working fine. Thanks

Pinku Singh says:

Thanx a lot Katrinah….. its a grt video… i have learnt a lot through

Adrian Pandelescu says:

First I want to thank you for the effort to explain all this, but I have a
question: if I want to edit some more fields in the same page, how can I do
that? I mean to create more areas where they can insert images and text eg
box 1, box 2, etc.

Dan Kleinke says:

Hi Katrinah…just figured it out.
Thank you again for the knowledge!

khalid amd says:

thank you ,this video is helpful

Dan Kleinke says:

Hi Katrinah, excellent video & presentation. Thank you for all your
efforts. Just one question & I apologize if this has been addressed before,
but how did you integrate all your posts on to the main page? What I mean
is that at the beginning of your video, you had several different sections
of your post all laid out on the main page (audio, gallery, etc..) as you
scrolled down. Hope that was clear enough & I’m sure I am over thinking
this, probably something pretty simple.
Anyways, I appreciate all the hard work & info. Wishing you much Success!!

allmystuff87 says:

Thank you!

Leah Kabaker says:

Very helpful thank you very much. Very informative and I actually liked the
repetition, sort of drummed it into my brain.

Play-Doh'N ToysReviews says:

I got the hatchling plan and they never send my a control panel link or
password all they send me was a link that says I can log in to manage my
domains but the link only takes me to their website. 

Mihai Erhan says:

Informative video, but try to repeat yourself less often, please, because
it can get annoying sometimes. There are times you say the same word 15
times in the space of 10 seconds.

sandra morales says:

hi Kat, thanks for the videos, question: i have already my web but i want
to create a independent blog, so… how install multiple wordpress blogs
using a single database??, pls

EpicNurse Ang says:

good stuff… , but am now having trouble opening up posts. Any idea how I
can fix that/ Thanks!

Tony Paull says:

Great tutorial. A few questions.
How does 2013 compare to 2012 and 2014 as a newbie?
In 2013 in the audio and gallery posts is it possible to allow visitors to
the site to download photo’s/images or (my own) music tracks from these
posts? Or is this something that would be set up through my auto

Kishor Patil says:

I have a working wordpress website…do you suggest I create a blog as well
and if I use this method will I lose all of my posts and current theme?

Victoria Christine says:

I would actually prefer each social media’s colored social media symbols.
Not all orange lke the Plug in you suggested that I just set up. What is a
good widget for that? I am new and appreciate any tips you may have. 

comicview says:

Hi Katrinah first of all I want to say thanks for all your help thus far.
However I was wondering if you could please do a tutorial on the sliding
doors theme I would really appreciate it.
Many thanks

irishblessingyn says:

Thank you again. How do I make my home page the same as my blog page?

Gerry B says:

Hi Katrinah, I was ok until the Simple Social widgets. I configured it for
posts and entered my youtube, facebook, google+ accounts. But I don’t any
when I View Site. What am I missing? Please help. Thx

Anand Kumar says:

hi Katrinah
very well presentation, i would like to know how to remotely publish post
on wordpress 3.6

Wade Keller says:

How about chess on wordpress? Can it be done. New chess club, now pretty
good with Customizr theme – Chess7.net
would like to post some chess games.

Scott TheOzoneGuy says:

At 36:11 you are illustrating how to uncheck the discussion buttons. After
several attempts I am unable to find this edit. It doesn’t show that which
you have illustrated here. I am unable to uncheck discussion. Version 3.7.1

Nancy Freeman says:

As usual–this is a great job on using 2013. However, I cannot find a way
to use a full page template. I have gone to the screen options–and page
attributes is not there either. Am I missing something? Of maybe this is a
topic for you to create one of your wonderful, clear videos–you have
spoiled us!!

Richard W Mulholland says:

Clear, concise, exceptionally instructional; an excellent teaching aid even
for those new to WP.

Congratulations on an exceptionally good instructional video.

Vuong Tran says:

Excellent presentation

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