WordPress Tutorial for Beginners – Make a Website!

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Learn how to create your website with this WordPress tutorial. Need help? Come to http://www.websitebabble.com
**Instructions for uploading your test theme to the Internet** Navigate to your themes folder on your computer which is located in [InstantWPfolder]/ipwserver/htdocs/wordpress/wp-content/themes Upload that folder to the wp-content/themes folder on your server using an FTP program OR just upload it from the WordPress Admin panel in the Themes section. Here’s an FTP tutorials http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3DudpEMPiY Now activate the new theme from your WordPress dashboard.


unkel pikchers says:

I don’t understand one thing. I thought WordPress is the host itself. I
have a domain name thru GoDaddy. So I thought I could just use that with
WordPress and I’m done. But it sounds like I need a third thing. A Web
hosting service/site? Confused.

Matthew Beck says:

Word Press for beginners is a good video for beginners . The pace is good
and informative.

John Green says:

Thank you very much. 

dixirkt says:

Very Cool, Good Day

DJ LNR says:

Great video, keep up the good work. Great teaching skills!!

Nischal Shrestha says:

what the heck is going on when i’m installing a theme it stucks in
Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme… and nothing happens

Fahad ALHashimi says:

Very informative and simple, thanx 

darlene miquiabas says:

Cool Tutorial , great job :D

Manoj Shrestha says:

really helpful , thanks a lot

Rio Negrillo says:

This is so easy it’s scary. 

Robert Cansler says:

Great Video, one of the Best for beginners I have watched. Great Job!!!!

Keith Jarvis says:

Great tutorial, really helped me get my feet wet with WordPress.Thanks!

leetsoflias says:

Just great!

Mark Thomas says:

Very nicely done.. I have seen quite a few videos on WordPress basics.. I
think yours was overall the best. Very nice overall and tyin..

Marilyn E says:

Great Job!!
Thanks for making this.
How do you get compensated for this work?

MommieWifeMe says:

Thank you for this video!

Waleed S says:

You rule girl!

krzintegraboi says:

why dont my wordpress have a plugin tab..my dashboard looks different.

mystiqueraven1 says:

why don’t my wordpress have a plugin tab? your video was very easy to
understand, and very informative, thanks!

KAreem sha says:


maddysdaddy12 says:

Thank you SOOO much for this video. I was able to watch this video and
create a post on an exciting Word Press website in a matter of an hour,
with NO knowledge of Word Press or how to use it.
You made my job much easier. 

Julio Davila says:

Word Press for beginners is a good video for beginners . The pace is good
and informative.

Mike Germaine says:

Thanx so much, so clear and easy to follow…nice pacing…WOW WP is so
easy and fun.. what a CMS…thanx also to all the developers

George Vass says:

thank you!! this really helped to get me started.

ნიკა ცოგიაიძე says:

Great tutorial.Everything clear!

chooomedia says:

great production! aaand Abo 🙂 und für alle die nicht gut english verstehen
gibt es die Basics auch auf Englisch ; einfach mal meinen Kanal besuchen :)

Daniel Candelario says:

Word Press for beginners is a good video for beginners . The pace is good
and informative.

murat çalışkan 57 says:

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BenFranklinMoney1 says:

Thank you so much this was an awesome tutorial! You are a superb teacher.

Joe Rodriguez says:

Great job Lisa. Love the way you kept things moving. Your knowledge and
experience using WordPress really came through.

Lee L says:

Thumbs Up to this..!!! I’m excited to create my own website. Thank you
verymuch.. <3

Joe Martinez says:

Very nicely done. 

Paul O'Donnell says:

Thanks so much, I was lost until watching this and now have the basics.
Great watch, now I want more… 

Ritul Gangwar says:

It is very helpful video for any WordPress beginners, Good job!

Ninzio Tek says:

Useful ! Thanks

sam al zohiry says:

thanx but I do not like it I love to do every thing by php or JavaScript or

mahir whitsett says:

this video helped me immensely thank you very much

Krishan Mohan says:

thanks for your time- beautifully done!

Kris Darryn says:

Thanks a lot.

Jaz Naguit says:

Thank you, for this very nice video tutorial. 

Ben Denton says:

thanks a lot for your effort in doing this video, extremely well done and
helpful to a wordpress newby like me!

Abbas Ali says:

Very nice tutorial………

Christi Weems says:

Thank you! Very Helpful!

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