WordPress Tutorial For Beginners Part 2 – The Dashboard

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THE NEW SITE IS UP FOR ALL WORDPRESS BEGINNERS!!! http://www.wordpresstipstricksandtweaks.com | In this second WordPress tutorial for beginners, I’ll give a rundown on the different areas of the WordPress dashboard in your administration consol.

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Buddha Jyothiprasad says:

I expected that this video is going to show how I can host my site rather
than starting after hosting. 

Ruth Yoerg says:

I have a blog on WordPress and when I wrote my last post, I centered the
title of the post in the top center; however, when I view my blog the title
of my post is on the far right. How can I fix it. http://www.my shop cell phone

Shamie shamie says:

Omg.. u talk alot.. i just want basic n straight.

Yugandhar Vejju says:

a lot to learn from u

abeed qutaiba says:

hello i have free website with weebly can i add wordpress to my website….

Meditational State says:

go to @2:20 to skip his own advertisement xD

S7347TH7 says:

@ShahMahiUddin yes they have plenty of shopping cart plugins just search
for “shopping cart” in the plugins section

Raja Sr says:

That’s a great video.i start my own wordpress site two days before.i
googled and find [godaddy.com]. It is a secure wordpress hosting & better
domain name provider among top 5 and also with almost 45% discount using
promo code ” WOWnetCode “.It’s really helpful for newbies.

hemicharged70 says:

i used hostgator to host my website, how do i know if i have the .com or
org version? i don’t think it gave me an option when i set up my account

Robert Wimer says:

@Shifraeliezar I’m glad they helped.

PSOJ23 says:

You spend so much time describing WP it was boring. wasted time

Russ Kirk says:

Thanks for the videos.

Andrew Carlton says:

Awesome Robert. I subscribed to you so I’ll get the email when it’s posted.
Thanks again!

divineIproject says:

Good one. Have you ever thought of using a software to work with WordPress?

Joao Beirao says:

Great tutorial ! haha and you sound like Mr Garrison from south park, that
was funny

N0kJAA says:

Once again an Excellent job!

MsKandahar says:

Hi, if I use dreamweaver, do I still need wordpress?

Mohd Baharuzi says:

banyak giler toolbar

Robert Wimer says:

HAHA!!! Hey, I’ve got them organized alphabetically……;P

KevinHarper3DArtist says:

You did not mention how to get it set up at the start.

Robert Wimer says:

@xxgatorchickxx They will start at the first of the year. Your right, this
is the same one. I wanted to put them back up for others to use as a
reference point.

robisaha1 says:

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Sommer Sprosse says:

thank you. like your bookmarks folder church & conspiracies next to each
other ..:-)

Mark DLC says:

Hi Robert, thanks so much for the tutorials. Question-what
subdirectory/subdomain are you at to demonstrate the Dashboard in Part 2 of
your wordpress videos. I went to desireadifferencedotcom and my browser
took me to a completely different place than the one in your video.

F Strain says:

nevermind, i just got to that part lol

shiftyb16 says:

Hi Ingelum, I like your vids, I will be trying making a website but it has
to be a .nl website. What I understood is I need a domainname first, is
godaddy a good website for that and hosting is like you said bluehost also
working for .nl webistes. Thanks in advance

gtd says:

Thanks for the wonderful video. Easy to understand so far. But I have a
question ~ for one of the projects at my work place we will be using word
press but how to decide on theme? Please advise. Thanks so much in advance

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