WordPress Tutorial – Getting Started

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Get started with WordPress Quickly and Easily. It’s a fairly simple application that does a decent job of running a website.


unkel pikchers says:

going way too fast!

Sam Sheekey says:

Thank you for this video, it was very helpful for getting me started.

Jeff Carlson says:

Very nice overview. Got to the main points without getting bogged down in
all the functionality and options. Talked a little fast but everyone’s got
a pause button. Thank you.

Al w says:

This is very helpful, obv for people who is comfortable with a pc. so it is
“getting started”, not “for beginner” 

Sander Saar says:

are you using wamp server ?

Ron Baker says:

Agree, WAY too fast… Getting Started? haha This video is more of a, “hey
look at me, look at what I can do” than being helpful to someone looking
for a way to get started on WP.

Gary Morris says:

This guy talks way too fast for this to be of any use. No explanation, just
fast talk.

Björk Gundesmontir says:


JREAM says:

@wordpressknowhow Thanks dude!!

Sameera Madusanka Wijerathna says:


Janisyogababe says:

yep, very fast delivery, and a bit confusing as a result. But, it was an
overview. You can at least take what it shown and then go experiment.

Ryan Taylor says:

You lost me at 0:25, please explain that step.

Danny Morgan says:

yo jream its dannydev haha i was just looking for a video tutorial to set
someone up with wordpress, keep killin it man. 24k subscribers those are
silly numbers!

Warrick Clemens says:

I am a wordpress expert and I recorded some video tutorials for wordpress.
It really is the most extensive wordpress course of 2013. You can watch a
sneak peek from this course on my channel…

dbestmanindworld says:

It’s look so easy but when we do it, we got a lot of problems

JREAM says:

@babymamadramaz Heya — that folder was in FTP program (FileZilla) to
connect to your site.

Chaoz7586 says:

And now I have a Turtle

WordPressTutorialNow says:

Even in the year since this was shot WordPress has had major development.
Check out my tutorials for WordPress 2012

babymamadramaz says:

@JREAMdesign Ummmm… “?”.

Antouaneta11 says:

at the 0:43 sec ……can you pls tell me how you open the
“workspace/worldpress” ? i tried but nothing…. :/ how i can open it like
you and to say “Configuration File”? pls tell me!!!!

Geoff Frink says:

what kind of software did you use for this screencast video?

PetersJazz1 says:

Thank you. Very helpful cmsone . Se / jazz

yakimaua says:

Like it! Good tutorial! You good:)

Christopher Mendoza says:

Thanks for great beginners tutorial! Very helpful.

Don Milo says:

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create stunning mobile website very easily. if you are interested just
watch this: ==> /watch?v=l04p2A7sMNM <– or click on my username to watch it

dbestmanindworld says:

Now I m facing that I can’t see my blog, I only can see index. I tried so
many ways but still the same

JREAM says:

did i go too fast in this please tell me, i dont know how fast to go

John Murphy says:

JReam, you asked if you were going too fast. To be honest if I was
unfamiliar with WordPress I would struggle with your delivery. It seems
very fast and somewhat unstructured. For me the video would have been
better to split into smaller sessions and focus more on individual
elements. I think you need to consider who exactly is your intended
audience as you mixed very basic information with much more advanced
content. Hope this helps.

ukah3 says:

I LOVED how fast you were! I find many tutorials way too slow and
frustrating. Personally I love the fast pace, but you included enough
information. AMAZINGLY DONE!

Kurt Margolis says:

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Hotfrost says:

Hey man i need someone’s help i can’t create Setup Configuration File… I
dont know what i need to type into the fields of username and password and
stuff because i’ve never created an account somewhere..

Creepzza says:

Thanks for the guide! Helped =)

dbestmanindworld says:

For example, when I upload pic, I can’t see my pic.

Kulbhushan Sehrawat says:

good start

Al Val says:

Very helpful! I’m off to a good start because of this thanks a lot!

Jafet Bjarkar Björnsson says:

Tons of information in a short tutorial. Good job!

pksmb1120 says:

You lost me in the first 30 seconds. I’ve never even attempted to make a
website and this confused me already. I’m moving on to a different video
that’s easier to start out. Sorry.

Johnson Chan says:

great tutorial, except for the first minute(abit too technical).

Antouaneta11 says:

we have to do that what are you doing here –> 0:25 ? what is the link of
that page? we have to download it or?

On belangerijk says:

Speed was nice… So most cms are pretty much the same only wordpress is to
much like a blog

JREAM says:

@igor86SRB Thats Display Fusion to switch it to another monitor because i
have two monitors

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