WordPress Tutorial: How To Make A WordPress Website // SO SIMPLE!!

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In the past we have talked about the general makings of a website and blog, but this time I wanted to make a video specifically for WordPress. WordPress websites are taking over the internet in a very positive way. The platform is so easy to use and expandable that it makes sense to use it for almost any type of site. The concept of being fully open source is extremely enticing for both tech-minded and non-tech-minded alike.

Having a fully open source WordPress platform allows tech-minded people to create tools for just about any usage. And then it allows non-tech-minded people to use those created tools on their own site with a simple install. WordPress is revolutionizing the web space and will continue to do that for many years to come.

So this video is a WordPress tutorial that will teach you how to make a WordPress website and start learning the features available. I also didn’t want to leave you empty handed at the end, so below I have a number of other videos to continue your learning. I really hope that you find those helpful. I spent a large amount of time finding the perfect tutorials for you to learn with.

A good how to WordPress tutorial is hard to find as well. My goal with this video was not only to provide you guys with a lot of quality information, but to also do it in an entertaining way. I know the last thing you need is a boring monotonous voice telling you the steps. If that were the case, a 17 minute video would seem like an hour.

I also would love to see the websites you have created with this tutorial! Be sure to send me a link in a private message here on youtube with your newly made WordPress website and I will check it out. Through the video tutorials that we currently have up, we have had people send us their sites over a variety of topics. It is truly amazing what people can do with WordPress.

So that is all I have for you! I wish you the absolute best of luck with your site. I know you will do fantastic. Be sure to put forward all of your passion and you are sure to succeed.

=== WordPress Tutorials!! ==========

How To Make Posts:

What Is A Plugin:

Finding Plugins:

Free Themes:

Managing Comments:

Settings Overview:



Lion Levi says:

The best word press tutorial, SIMPLE!

Be proud you are helping even qualified designer/coders, who thought
Word press was for Noobies.

Daniella Allen says:

How do i add diferent “windows” i dunno if i explain myself, how do i add
those little tabs on the top board
where it says like “about you” how do i add more of those 

Ryan Reely says:

You can also get .com’s for $8.99 at TheCheapster.com. 

Mike Baine says:

the first 10 minutes of this video seems more like an Ad for hostGator. 

Pimpfluid Productions says:

why not just use godaddy and buy a domain and use a $2 promo code??

Mario Lemieux says:

Sorry but HostGator is a freaking fraud. I paid for a month, just so I
could learn how to make a website and the different tools, etc. After that
month, I contacted them to say, alright thanks a lot. You guys been very
useful and cheap! So whats wrong? 1 month later I get an Email from
HostGator saying, you didn’t pay for your last month (even if I contacted
the online guys and he said everything was alright) So I better hurry to
pay up because my information ,credit card #, adresse, name ,etc would be
free to anyone to grab. Never again Host Gator…

Jordan Alexo says:

If anyone is interested in learning more details about how to make a
Wordpress website. Check my channel :)

A Garcia says:

Keep going and give us more 🙂

cacapipi says:

Thank you very muchhh!!!!

Nan Allan says:

Really good – many thanks

Kaya Psarras says:

Great Tutorial. Big Up

forjustice says:

best wordpress tutorial 🙂 thx a lot

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