How To Add Video In WordPress Posts: Embedding Video

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Embedding videos (adding videos) in WordPress is pretty simple. Make sure you’re on the “text” option and logged in to WordPress. Go to the post you want or create a new post, then just copy/paste and embed the video.

Make A YouTube Video AutoPlay:
You Tube Keyboard Controls: Enable/Disable:
YouTube Fullscreen Controls: Enable Or Disable:
Start A YouTube Video In the Middle:
Show Youtube Videos Using A Search Term:
Change YouTube Controls on Embedded Videos:
Show Youtube Playlists Or Searches On Embedded Players:
Show Closed Captions On An Embedded YouTube Player:
Show YouTube Controls Lighter:
Show All YouTube Channel Videos In A Playlist:
Remove YouTube Logo From Embedded Player:
Change the YouTube Progress Bar:
Autoplay Youtube Videos/Combine With Other Controls:
Embed YouTube Video To WordPress posts:


Katie Cross says:

Thanks! This was very helpful :)

DavidH071 says:

thanks this really helped

Katie Cross says:

Also, do you have any videos on using headings in posts? IE h1, h2, h3,

coldinyk says:

I followed your instructions, but the video didn’t show in the preview (of
my post).. I embedded the code in between paragraphs and photos… does it
have to be placed only at the top in order for it to work? I’m not sure
what I’m missing….

Tamara Plant says:

Thank you for this!

Ace Pierre says:

thank you 

98wongjf says:

Doesn’t work for me. For some reason WordPress deletes the embeded code
after I click on “Save Draft”

Michael Quinn says:

Any way to do this so the video size is responsive on a mobile device?

I find if I put a video on my site, it looks great there, but then the
preview is way too big on my phone.

Dawn WeCallItJunkin says:

Thanks so much for posting this, worked perfectly

Ann Young says:

Hello, great video. I have a question. I am new at this so please be
patient. I followed your instructions but whatever I enter into my text box
appears in my video box. I get the embedded code in both sections but no
video. When I hit preview, I only see the code. Please help me.

Irene Villa says:

I’m trying to embed a video as per your instructions but it won’t work..

Andre Simmons says:

wow thanks alot i was lost for a sec lol

Derrick Barnes says:

Thank you! Very helpful

Strive4impact says:

You’re very welcome! Glad you know how to put videos in your WordPress
posts now. 🙂

Strive4impact says:

Good! I’m glad this was helpful for you!

Strive4impact says:

On the embed tab, there are check boxes below. One of them says show
suggested videos when video finishes. Just uncheck that box, the embed code
changes, and grab the new embed code. Or, if you know where it goes, you
can add &rel=0 at the end of the YouTube URL for your video. Let me know if
you’d like me to make a video to show that. Thanks!

Strive4impact says:

&autoplay=true. Add this line of code to the URL or web address of the
embedded video.

Dak Meng says:

Thanks for this mate, helped a lot! 😀 Btw, any idea to not start video
automatically? Because it auto-start when browsing my blog. Thanks again! 🙂

Rotem Orbach says:

Simple And Elegant!

Strive4impact says:

You’re welcome. Glad you know how to embed video in WordPress now.

Terry Gilsenan says:

That is a great video.. How do you stop the youtube video loading the next
movies after your that normally appear on you tube? I have embedded the
movie and after it finishes it loads the next movie from youtube.. Thanks

Hamdi Khalif says:

Brilliant! Thank you 😀

Strive4impact says:

Are videos not loading on your tablet, or are you trying to make sure
videos will show on tablets when you embed them into your website?

LKCampaign says:

I love you dude 😀

Strive4impact says:

10 years old is a great time to get started. Watch the video a couple of
times and see if you can figure out how to post a video in your WordPress

dr.gomatthi chinnaswamy says:

Great information !

Strive4impact says:

Fantastic! Glad this helped you learn how to embed YouTube videos. 🙂

James Boothroyd says:

make a vido about how to do this on tab says:

nicely done, thanks for the succinct tips

Diomondsbeauty says:

Im Sorry Im Only 10 Years Old And I dont now how to post it

Strive4impact says:

You are very welcome. I’m glad that was helpful for you!

DCHomewares says:

That was very helpful, thanks so much for posting.

Strive4impact says:

You are very welcome. I am glad it was helpful for you. Do you plan on
embedding your own videos or someone else’s or a combination?

Cynthia Martinez says:

Thanks very helpful!

Spook SEO says:

Great. Thanks for this. You know there are a lot of people who are using
wordpress these days but are not knowledgeable enough to add videos on
their posts. This is absolutely helpful. Thanks, bro! You are the man. Keep
us informed please. I will be waiting for your newest video uploads. Keep
it up!

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