How To Add YouTube Video To Your WordPress Website

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Close How to add a YouTube video to your WordPress website? In this video, learn how to add a video from YouTube to posts and pages in WordPress, as well as to the sidebar and footer areas of your website.


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Gotthebeautybug Cheri says:

You explain things in a really easy way and have helped a technically
challenged blogger! Thank you!

bflyrenee says:

Hi there looking for help, it’s different now and I try and copy and paste
the link and the link isn’t active, any help would be great thank you!

Delia De Jesus says:

Great video. How do I prevent other youtube videos from showing once my
video has finished?

Christina Speziale says:

When I do this my videos are bigger than the screen and I don’t know how to
make them smaller. Please help!

Dave Lockwood says:

A week ago, I posted a comment saying that the method you posted worked.
Well, fast forward a week, and video doesn’t work anymore. I tried
copy/pasting the URL, as well as the embed code. When I would update, and
view the page, only the link would show – no video. Is there something I’m
doing on my end, or has something changed? Anyone else have this

Shawna Brie says:

Thanks for the help

Dolly doll says:

saved my life thank you!!

Eric Green says:

Can you make a video explaining how to host your own videos? I noticed on
your website, the videos are self hosted. I would like to learn how to do
that also. Thanks

Mellow Wanderer says:

I tried this but it doesn’t work on my WP site and I have the latest
version. After I paste the link, I save the draft, and when I preview the
post and just the pasted link appears. Can u help troubleshoot?

Linda Franklin says:

Thanks, I appreciate how you give detail info in easy to understand

Russell Turner says:

Thanks! I really enjoyed your presentation and it was just what i needed.

waynecengraver says:

Brilliant video tutorial. Crystal clear communication so even I could
understand it!
Thank you so much and keep up the excellent work! 

KievPilitry says:

Very helpful, thank you so much :)

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