How to Install a Video Player in WordPress

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How to install a video player into your WordPress site.

Step 1) Log into your WordPress site
Step 2) Go to plug-ins and add new
Step 3) Search for JWPlayer and the choose JW Player for WordPress — Flash & HTML5 Video Player and click install.
Step 4) Go to JWPlayer under settings and click JWPlayer
Step 5) Click on the link Install and update.
Step 6) Create a custom player 390H by 640w
Step 7) Create a new post.
Step 8) Be sure your post title matches your YouTube Video Title
Step 9) Click on add media, upload a first-frame video still 390×640.
(DO NOT CLICK SAVE YET!) Go to step 10 first.
Step 10 ) Add External Media and past the URL for the YouTube video you want inserted into the post and click add media.
NOTE: If you did step 10 correctly the YouTube Title and description should be on the page.
Step 11) Remove the Link URL and Thumb URls.
Step 12 ) Choose a Thumb image (First Frame) from step 9.
Step 13) Choose the image for the HTML image.
Step 14) Select the custom player you created.
Step 15 ) Click the INSERT JW PLAYER (NOTE: Do NOT click insert into post)

This will bring you into your post where you add your post content, tags and choose a category fro your post.

Forrest Knight
St Louis, Mo


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Very helpful, thanks!

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ForYouEnt says:

Hey mediadude; how do I install my youtube channel to my page in word press?

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