How to Put Video On a WordPress Blog Post or Page

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Close there’s a video for how to embed a youtube video into a WordPress blog page or post. It’s very easy to get the code from youtube and then simply pasted in to the edit area while creating a post or page in your blog. I’ve also included instructions for how to insert a line break if needed. Videos provide a powerful marketing tool for all areas and niches of Internet marketing. Internet marketer is it who do not take advantage of video marketing are missing out on great for traffic potential, lead generation, and sales.


Tim Calloway says:


tim3854 says:

Hi Steve, sorry no idea where else to ask this. Any idea if it’s possible
to stick a video on without having to put it on youtube
first? (My videos will contain music so I guess youtube would meddle with
them due to copyright issues).

Ellen Kennedy says:

Thanks. My first time posting the video in wordpress. Appreciated the
spacing tip. 

Natasha Desjardins says:

Niiice and easy!! Thanks!

Jasbir Singh says:

Thanks so much That was so helpful.

Candess M. Campbell says:

Thanks so much! That was so helpful. This is my first video blog in my 31
day blog series on relationships. I love all the help!

Kenji Chia says:

wait what theme did you use i might wanna use it

German Cuartas says:

It helped me a lot. Thank you Steve

Jon Doll says:

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tell you that configuring wordpress can be a hassle and most marketers get
it wrong. So I decided to record every detail of my work in a video
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ALeeUpt202 says:

OMG so simple but I couldn’t figure it out, thanks!

yesinambepitiya says:

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quick way for you to earn much more money fast.

Brandon Seerattan says:

Where is embed

Allison Pilla says:


Oscar Reeve says:

I work as a web designer and I made some video tutorials for the use of
wordpress. It definitely is the most comprehensive wordpress video series
of 2013. Period. I have posted a link to this training course on my
channel. go to my channel and click on that link.

Alvaro Ochoa says:

Great tutorial. Thank you Steve

Osama Punjabian says:

great man great video

Lysa Cooper says:

Thanks for the video very helpful.

shawnhi77 says:

I really appreciate that. Very helpful

may19firefly1 says:


Al D. says:

Hi, Steve–for some reason, after I hit “embed”, the screen where the HTML
code is supposed to appear is blank. Any thoughts?

DoubleCraftersMT says:

click share then it will pop up

Mustafa Kulle says:

click on the Share button and the Embed button will appear.

PagosaGal says:

Thank you for your quick explanation!

Brandon Seerattan says:

Thanks dude

Happiness Series says:

Good! Thanks!

gugainter1 says:

thanks man, it’s easy but important thing

Mark Newsome says:

Hey Coach! As usual, your step by instructions are right on the money!
Easy, simple and concise. You always cut to the chase and that was one of
the main reasons I became one of your students! This particular video and
your step by step instructions, demonstrate your approach to teaching,
perfectly. Great job!

kevinwcaulfield says:

Nice video, but actually, to have a proper “line break”, you use the code
br / (in carrots). or you could space out the header tags with margins or
padding in your theme’s css file.

amillman7 says:

Can you put a video on wordpress that isn’t on Youtube?

Aldo Layedra says:

Thank you for sharing your knowledge, this helped me a lot.

c spiers says:

thanks so much steve, easily the best tutorial hands down, especially
because its accurate and NOT longwinded! love your work.

bghbASU says:

Thank you so much! This was really helpful!

p dhami says:


53JMFL says:

Oh my god I love you. I am a total rookie and this answered my question
perfectly. Thank you so much!

james rick says:

where do you write this i mean i dont even have the option HTML i want to
embed a game , what version you got , me i got the latest one

Mathias Cronqvist says:

Kind of a misleading title. What if I want a video off of my computer onto
Wordpress without sticking it anywhere else first?

Wayne Rigley says:

thanks ! could you just post the code in the description so people can just
copy it ! thanks

themagazinemaker says:

your a superstar, I’ve struggled with this for a while so thank you ever so
much for the tutorial 🙂 x

dee ann says:


Julie Voorhees says:

We did exactly this, but the HTML code disappears when we update, so
nothing appears on the web site. What are we doing wrong?

Billy D Baker says:

Great. Thanks for taking the time…we appreciate it!

SocialTechHelp1 says:

This is super helpful. thank you.

Barbara Bullington says:

You are a friggin genius! Thank you so much for posting this!

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