How To Use a Flowplayer WordPress Plugin To Show Any Video In WordPress

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Doeye Hof says:

There are a lot of very sweet people in the world!! Didn’t know that before
I started with WordPress. Thank you!!

Abdullah ARiyami says:

awesome video Laura, thank you very much ;)

Franck Benedetti says:

Great Job!!! You solved my problem. 

Yusaku N says:

Thank you very much Laura …. you helped me a lot 😀

Ben Arellano says:

Great video Laura!

Sally Cevasco says:

Hey Laura, Great vid! This really helped me out today. Thanks so much!
Cheers, Sally

Isological says:

me 2

Innocent Chris Bishawu says:

Thanks Laura, I am struggling to embed the player on my non-wordpress
website. Do you have any advise you can give?

Shivathai says:

You are a genious!!! Thank you very much, and greetings from Spain!

Tony Pacenski says:

Hi Laura, I am having a problem with my blog. I am hosting my mp4 videos on
Amazon S3 and today I tried to add a video to my blog with FV WordPress
Flow Player. The audio and sound works great; however, I am can’t see the
video. What do I have to do to watch the video or for it to come up?

siddharth shivahare says:

Hey Laura, how can I arrange these videos on my page, say having 3 columns
and 4 rows

Luis Fernando Rivadeneira says:

Thank you Laura! this solved a problem which I was fighting with for our
website for a long time!!!

Sharon Buck says:

That was excellent, Laura! I especially liked how you trouble-shot the
video at the end because that was the exact same problem I was having.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Frank Schwarz says:

Well, this is not a spam comment. LOL. Actually found your video after an
hour of looking around and you explained this so well for me. Thanks and
now my S3 is playing the right way! Nice Job Laura !

Wilmer Guerrero says:

I loved it…now let me see if I am able to do what I need. by the way I am
planning to down load a video so that my students can learn how to speak
English. Meaning. I would like to down load a story and then create
questions related to the story. hope it works if not I will have to ask you
for help 🙂 sincerely Wilmer Guerrero

President Barrack Obama says:

ehmm i dont know how i can upload me own video to flowplayer on me site
there isnt a browse files.. label

MGpokemenforum says:

Very nice video 😀

Dave Sullivan says:

OMG i just spent two days trying to get this correct! your “error” was my
error.. thank you I was about to give up!

successlivesinyou says:

Thanks Laura very infomative…Im also happy you had to troubleshoot also
lol Cheers!

openbag1 says:

great work

Matt Koval says:

Laura, this was very helpful. Thank you. Matt

deejaysoulution says:

thank you for the nice tutorial 🙂

Sir Komba says:

Laura you are BAD!!Keep up with your style.

PaintPissOrCabaret says:

Hey Laura, thanks for this video! It is clear and easy to follow, and you
told me exactly what I needed to know. Great work – thanks! Keep it up.

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Brian Studwick says:

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use of wordpress. It really is the best wordpress package ever. go to my
channel to find the link I posted for this course

GP John says:

Laura, thanks for great video tutorial. Could you share with us how to
protect our published video? I understand that some irresponsible ppl can
use the embedded video at our websites to stealing the bandwidth or
something ..that could mean our s3 billing shoot up unnecessarily. Thanks
in advance.

Kathleen Martin says:

Nice video and great information. Could you tell me what you are using to
upload your files into your Amazon S3 account?

RisingTideLearning says:

Laura, I’ve followed your directions to the letter, but the video is taking
so long to load, it seems worthless to do it this way…I’ve compressed my
video to 31mb, don’t know how to get it smaller. What else can I do?

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