How to Use WordPress (1 of 7) – Introduction

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Bluehost is a top recommended host for WordPress! Follow along as we demonstrate how to create a real website using WordPress on your Bluehost hosting account. Learn click-by-click how to create a static page, add a blog, upload photo galleries, and even post a resume!

In this video we explain how WordPress is a fully functional content management system (CMS).

If you need more help, just visit or call us at our headquarters 24/7, toll-free: 888-401-4678


Chantelle Rae says:

very helpful, can’t wait to dig into the rest of the videos in the series.
Internet marketing is the best career and WordPress is a great tool to use
to get there.

equin0xia says:

your videos are well-done and the narration is easy to hear and
understand. when will you be putting out some newer ones or updates to
these? seems these are over 2 years old now.

Reyborn Webservices says:

WordPress guide for beginners who are planning to create a website using
WordPress CMS

Rafael Nascimento says:

When I host a domain at bluehost, how much do I pay? I know what is the
price per month, but how much do I pay in the registration, in the first
payment? The first month, or, for example, an year?

Rey Calanta ol says:

WordPress guide for beginners

Barbara Rivers says:

Very informative, thank you!!

Parcelhub Limited says:

WordPress can be incredibly complicated, that’s why we hired an expert

Lily Marie says:

Why does this video have so many downvotes? 

Bobby DoTube says:

How much is a blue host acc? 

Janice Pleasant says:

This introduction helps me understand terminology needed to facilitate
building a website. I’m better prepared to move through the process and

Imran Mandani says:

This guy looks like he could be Edward Norton’s older more straight edge


Thank you the best instructional video in YouTube hands down

Phitrix says:


jantoraam says:

Love it. Great video. Saved me a lot of trouble :)

Bartholomeo Diash says:

WordPress is fine not only for blogging, but for creating any type of

Dr. Manhattan says:

Thanks a million! Sorted out alot of things I was unsure of. :)

Linda Lacey says:

Great videos!

cncompany6 says:

I swear the first sound played is in Flappy Bird.

Webmaster Forum says:

WordPress’ always best for me…i’m owning a blog base on WP…thanks for
your useful information from this clip.

Ninzio Tek says:

Useful video. thanks :)

Andy Harglesis says:

Hey, WordPress is a GREAT site for starting bloggers to be heard, earn
money, etc.
Quite a nice system to get your own domain registered as well!
Mind checking out my blog? I promise there’s something you’ll find
interesting … I post at least once a week:

Simon Flegg says:

Simply explained and Bluehost or Hostgator are definitely the companies to
being using to manage WordPress through.

Nalim Mohamed says:

Paul is a real asset to Blue Host.His presentation lands direct on to the
memory.Excellent narration and explanation giving very little room for any
queries.I recommend this video with “SEVEN STARS” ******* may be more…
****** Hey Paul your Mission is well done!!!!!

Daniel Law says:

You’ve made understanding word press a breeze. Thanks

Cool Tony says:

Outstanding says:

Thanks ! very informative.

Lisa Montalva says:

Many of my members at the Women Owned Business Club use WordPress and are
happy! Great video.

Ashok Pathirana says:


Top 10 Web Hosts Reviews says:

Want to set up your own website in just a few clicks and don’t know how?!
Check out the introduction that BlueHost prepared for you. Simple, easy to
follow and to the point. Enjoy!

Neva Alsobrook says:

Get hosting account for just 1 cent at hostgator using coupon

Osi Onuoha says:

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help manage our web migration to WordPress as well as take pictures of
various County facilities and programs. Consultant will work 40 hours a
week for six weeks and then 20 hours a week thereafter.
Skills needed:
• Proficient in WordPress using templates and creating pages.
• Strong writing, editing and design web skills (testing will be conducted)
• Strong photographic portfolio, preferably of landscapes and events (not
• Knowledgeable about Arlington County specifically and parks and
recreation generally
• Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, Photoshop and WordPress.
Contractor can work offsite or onsite. On site we can provide a computer;
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Ester Benjamin Shifren says:

Fabulous and simply explained. I can easily follow this, except for a
couple of moments where you’re speaking too fast for me to follow the
cursor. Thanks

WordPress Tutorial for Beginners says:

Simple and helpful – thanks guys!

Clarence Wong says:

For my students

Eugene Williams says:
Andreas Ziebart says:

I thank everyone who posts videos on this topic for the time you invested
in producing them. The selflessness with which you spend precious free
hours researching and producing these are appreciated. Keep up the good

Jimmerson noblesIII says:

great video.

Julie Duran says:

This is a very good video.

hannahp0806 says:

Awesome – I’m excited! Nice, easy to follow video and likeable host. Thanx!

IpodTechPro says:

When I think of wordpress i think of a word puzzle game………

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