WordPress 3.9 Complete Tutorial Video – Usage & Features

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This WordPress tutorial video is designed to apply to any WordPress network out there and is useful for users of such networks to use as an introductory video to WordPress. It is designed for someone who has never used WordPress before, and covers all the features of setting up your own personal portfolio.
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Video Sections (Skip to the time listed to view that section of the video)
Introduction & Login Info – 00:00
Posts: Basics & Text Formatting – 05:00
Pages: Static Homepage, & Media Uploading – 19:30
Appearance: Themes, Widgets & Menus – 48:25
Users, Tools & Settings – 1:02:00
Review & Conclusion – 1:09:25


Keeran Sapkota says:

the best wordpress video tutorial ever!


Awesome Video Tutorial!~ Thank you so much!~

Designer 4 Free says:

WP tour. Nicely done!

yosilda suarez says:

I can’t even see that left hand menu to drag and drop! I am sooooo limited
in my knowledge. A friend created this new version of my website.
Previously I had done my own website with shopping cart,etc. All linked to
paypal. Big mistake letting someone use wordpress. Thanks , your video is
very well done, but I still can not add drop down menus to existing
products that are now offered in different sizes,etc. Also when I go to
edit a static page what I see is codes and a computer language. 

Jei says:

Hey, 3.9.1 is out and wow did they add a few things. Did you want to do a
brief vid going over just the new feature, that would be awesome. great vid
btw, almost got my site up and running thx to it. :-)

Shuna Smith says:

Great video, thx!!!!

Georgia Christodoulopoulos-Serpe says:

Hi Vince…how do you edit the footer in this version? I know that
previously, you were able to find Editor under the Appearance tab. This
has bee driving me crazy. Thanks.

accent77 says:

How do you get html as an option? For the life of me, I cannot figure out
how to do it. I just have visual and text as option boxes on my new
posts. Please help if you can. 

Algren TLP says:

if i paste a youtube link the video does not display on the front end. just
the link.. how come? wordpress 3.9.1

Andrew deLivron says:

Great how too. I will be reccomending this site to some of my clients!
PS I lke the fast presentation. 

Redli0n says:

Awsome! I learned soo much! Thanks

sueldrsyluvsutube says:

I started my website about five months ago. A friend of mine set everything
up for me. He did the 3.9 update for me. I noticed that the tags no longer
appear on each post. Though I can see them when I view it through the
dashboard. Do you have any idea why? I also wonder if you have any advice
on a plugin for youtube video’s to stop it at the end so it won’t show the
links for additional video’s. I have some sda christian video’s on there
and I would rather some random things didn’t show up. I wanted to thank you
for posting this video. Though I’m not a super tech savvy person I did pick
up a few things that will help me.

Paul Kirtley says:

How do you adjust the text wrap in 3.9?

Wordpress TV says:

Great video! I have just put up a video on setting up local host (wamp) and
wordpress may help your views. 

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