WordPress Crash Course Video 1 – WP Basics

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More wordpress crash course http://www.alexshawnmarketing.com/blog/category/wordpress/wordpress-crash-course/


Shabi Shine says:

Very useful Website Design Videos

Tolu Jaiyeola says:
Marco Bigatton says:

thanks Alex … great course … loved it and was super effective :)

Aldo R says:

If i used simple scripts. can i just delete wp and reinstall as you have

Ubuntuman LinuxforLife says:

Thank you very much

Wefa Monpetessi says:

Thanks Alex!

Barera Beyaole says:

Thanks… it is awesome tutorial!!

Michael Muise says:

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Wordpress, nobody else seems to have the smarts to make the destinction. At
the moment, I am looking for WordPress-com training until I can get time
install WordPress-org

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Brian Studwick says:

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